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[edit] C Support

Lissa: *avatar's name*? Where aaare yooou?
Avatar: ...Zzz...
Lissa: There you are! I was just... Oh! (You're sleeping...?)
Avatar: Snnrk! Zzzzzzz...
Lissa: (You must really be wiped out. Not that I blame you, getting wrapped up in all this.) (Hee hee! Looks like it's time to quiiietly... geeently...hold your nose!
Avatar: Nh...gnnkh...nnrrrrgh...! BWARGH! What-?! Risen! Wolves! Risen riding wolves! They're... all... Wait a moment...
Lissa: Hee hee hee hee! AAAH ha ha ha ha! "BWARGH"?! Oh gods, that was HILARIOUS! Heeeeee hee hee hee hee!
Avatar: Lissa, gods bless it... I was fast asleep!
Lissa: And dreaming of Risen and wolves, apparently? Tee hee hee! I'm sorry. I tried to resist-I really did. But it was just too perfect.
Avatar: Who does such things? Is that really how your parents raised you?!
Lissa: ...I...I don't know... I never really knew my parents...
Avatar: Oh... Oh, right. That was... er...
Lissa: Oh, don't worry about it. I know you didn't mean anything by it. And actually, there's something else that I should be apologizing for...
Avatar: What it is, I'm sure I can forget it if you can forgive my heartless comment...
Lissa: Really? That's great! Oh, I was SO sure you were going to be SO angry... See, I was kinda doodling a pic of you in your big, new book of battle strategies... Aaand then I kinda spilled the ink and kinda... ruined the book, kinda... completely. Ireallyreallyreallydidn'tmeanto!
Avatar: WHAT?! But that was a rare text! I had just started to... Er, *ahem* I mean... It's... It's fine. Accidents... happen.
Lissa: Oooh pheeew!

[edit] B Support

Avatar: Phew! I am beat...
Lissa: All tuckered out, Avatar? How about a quick, refreshing shoulder rub?
Avatar: ...What are you plotting now?
Lissa: Oh, please. One little joke, one little time and you get all paranoid. This isn't about pranking anybody. I figure I owe you...
Avatar: How do you figure?
Lissa: Because you've taken a huge weight off my brother's shoulders, silly! You know what Chrom's like. He never asks for help, even when he needs it. But he trusts you, Avatar. Enough to rely on you. He's not the type to come out and say it, but I know he's grateful.
Avatar: You...think so?
Lissa: I know so! Nobody knows my big brother like me.
Avatar: Well, that is nice to hear...
Lissa: So, what do you say? Free massage? Going once... Gooooooing twiiice...
Avatar: Okay, I accept! I accept! ...Thanks, Lissa.
Lissa: Okay then... Urgh! Geez, your muscles are just one big knot back here...
Avatar: ...Aaaaaah, yes, right there... Oooh, that feels amazing...
Lissa: How about... this?
Avatar: WhaAAAAUGH! Cold! Cold and slimy and coooooold! AUGH! IT MOVED! WHAT DID YOU DO, LISSA? WHAT IN BLAZES WAS THAT?!
Lissa: Teee hee hee hee! Oh, relax. It's just a frog. You were just so perfectly calm, tee hee. I couldn't resist! It had to be done!
Avatar: I'm pretty sure it did NOT! And weren't you just saying yesterday that frogs make you "all pukey"?
Lissa: I'm willing to put up with a lot for the sake of comedy.
Avatar: Well, that makes one of us!

[edit] A Support

Lissa: Hey there, Avatar.
Avatar: Get away from me, she-devil!
Lissa: Aw, don't go getting your hackles up! I'm not here to prank you.
Avatar: Ha! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...don't talk to me again.
Lissa: Hee hee! Aw, come one! ...Wait, are you really mad?
Avatar: Of course i'm mad! You dumped a toad down my collar.
Lissa: I'm pretty sure that was a frog.
Avatar: I'm pretty sure I don't care!
Lissa: Okay, okay! I'm sorry, Avatar! I'm super-duper 100 percent sorry. And I won't do it anymore, so please be my friend again. Okay?
Avatar: ...You're really sorry?
Lissa: Terribly!
Avatar: ...And you SWEAR you won't do it again?
Lissa: Princess's honor!
Avatar: ...Well...all right. In that case I suppose I can forgive you... Let's shake hands and put this silliness behind us.
Lissa: Thanks, Avatar! You're the bes... AAAAAUGH! Wh-What is that, in your hand?! Is it a sna... A sn-n-n...
Avatar: A snake? Oh, no, Lissa. I'm pretty sure this is a worm. ...Gotcha!
Lissa: Gya! I thought my heart was going to jump out of my throat! You're terrible, Avatar! AND a total hypocrite!
Avatar: Uh huh... Why don't you show me what's in YOUR hand, then.
Lissa: O-oh! What? ...This? Hee hee... Why, how did this frog get here?
Avatar: ...Sorry, you were saying something about hypocrites?
Lissa: Aw, it's no fun if you see it coming!
Avatar: I'd have to be blind not to at this point.
Lissa: Oooooo! Next time i'm gonna prank you good!
Avatar: And next time i'll seriously stop talking to you.
Lissa: What?! Oh...fiiiine! Fine! I guess i'll stop. For real this time. *Sigh* Guess I still have a long way to go...
Avatar: Till you grow up?
Lissa: No, to the pond! ...I've got about a dozen frogs to put back.
Avatar: *Groooaaan*

[edit] S Support

Lissa: *Sigh* I thought "dying of boredom" was just an expression...
Avatar: All those pranks, and you're still bored?
Lissa: Oh, hi, Avatar. Yeah, it's not that much fun messing with the others... THeir reactions are all quiet and stale and...blaaah. I mean, they just stare, or sigh, or walk away shaking their head... Nobody else does that rubbery thing with their face that you do.
Avatar: I do a rubbery thing with my face?
Lissa: But don't worry! You're safe. A promise is a promise, after all. I'm not thrilled about it, but I don't want you to hate me. more pranks.
Avatar: ..... *Sigh* All right, Lissa. I give you permission to prank me again. I won't hate you for it. I promise.
Lissa: Wait, really?!
Avatar: BUT! On one condition... You have to open this box first.
Lissa: Ha! No way, mister! I know this trick! A bunch of snakes or bugs or guts or whatever is gonna pop out!
Avatar: ...Perhaps. It's up to you. I'm not forcing you.
Lissa: Hmm... I'm scared, but... Gya, that thing with your face, I miss it SO much! Okay then. Here goes... YAAAAAH!
Avatar: ......
Lissa: A...ring? Wait, Avatar, what's going on?
Avatar: you, Lissa. I love your loyalty, I love your candor, I love your spirit. Gods bless me. I think I even love your pranks! So...what do you say? Will you be my wife?
Lissa: *Sniff*
Avatar: Are you crying?! Don't cry! I'm sorry! You can say no; it won't hurt my feelings!
Lissa: No, stupid! I'm happy! I just... I've loved you for so long!
Avatar: What?! Really? ...Since when?
Lissa: Yes, really! And since the very beginning! ...I only pranked you to get your attention. Chrom gets to be close to you all the time, when you meet, or when you talk strategy... But I didn't have anything like that...
Avatar: Lissa, you could have talked to me about anything, anytime... I can't believe I never noticed...
Lissa: Me either... But now we've got all the time in the world to spend together! Oooo! Plus I opened the box, so I get to prank you again, right?!
Avatar: ...I thought the pranks were just to get my attention. And if we're getting married, i'd say you got my attention. Sooo...
Lissa: You think i'm going to marry that face and never make it do that crazy rubbery thing?! You're nuts!
Avatar: What?! Hey! I'm not sure I... Ah, well. If that's what it takes to make you happy...then so be it. Just go easy. We won't have all the time in the world together if I die of a heart attack.
Lissa: Heh ha, okay. I promise, Avatar. Wow, what a day... You must be tired out from all the excitement! about a quick shoulder rub from your new wife-to-be, hmm?

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