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Long'qu: ... *Ahem* ... I cannot focus with you leering at me.
Avatar: Oh! Sorry, Lon'qu. I just got caught up watching you practice. Your style is a perfect blend of accuracy, power and speed. They really know what they're doing up in Regna Ferox.
Long'qu: Strength is everything there. Weakness is weeded out and eliminated.
Avatar: Would you mind teaching me a few moves?
Long'qu: ... I am no teacher. Besides, you are of Ylisse. The knights of your people have their own style. You would be better served learning from Frederick.
Avatar: Oh, I already am. But the two styles being so different, why not learn what both can offer? It's possible a mix of the two would be stronger than either one alone.
Long'qu: A naive thought... But not impossible. Very well. Draw your sword.
Avatar: Wait, we're jumping right into sparring?
Long'qu: I told you, I am no teacher. You will have to learn for yourself. Come! Show me how a man of Ylisse fights! You will not be the only one to learn here.
Avatar: So be it!

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