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[edit] C Leve]

Cordelia: Lon'qu, we're about to hold the war council. It's time to return to camp.
Lon'qu: Very well. ...Er, may I ask you something?
Cordelia: Of course.
Lon'qu: Why did you come to my assistance in our most recent battle?
Cordelia: Well, you were beset by foes and looked as if you needed the help.
Lon'qu: I see. You are not wrong in this. I would like to settle the debt quickly. Is there anything you need?
Cordelia: It's hardly a debt, Lon'qu. We're on the same side. But I can see you're serious, so let me see... I'd love to get some fencing lesson, but I suppose that's not possible. I mean, what with your crippling phobia of standing near women.
Lon'qu: Er...
Cordelia: By the way, does this phobia mean you can't help me on the battlefield, either?
Lon'qu: No. In the heat of battle, I am able to overcome my...inclinations.
Cordelia: Well, that's a relief. I'd hate to think you'd stand there while some brigand ran me through.
Lon'qu: If you ever require assistance, you need only say the word.
Cordelia: I'll keep that in mind!

[edit] B Level

Lon'qu: What has happened to my oaken practice sword?
Cordelia: Oh, I replaced the blade. The old one had a split in it.
Lon'qu: How diligent of you.
Cordelia: No one has checked the training equipment since the start of this campaign. I took it upon myself
Lon'qu: I see.
Cordelia: Er, Lon'qu? Did you know that sweat is pouring down your face?
Lon'qu: Yes, of course. I was just finishing my leg-strengthening drills.
Cordelia: Well, it's good timing, because I have a fresh pile of towels from the laundry. I'll leave one here for you.
Lon'qu: ......
Cordelia: Right then! To the sound of thunderous gratitude, I'll go and prepare supper. You like cabbage stew, don't you?
Lon'qu: It is my favorite dish. Are you the one who keeps preparing it every meal?
Cordelia: Oh, so you DID notice! Yes, that's me. I like to keep morale up by serving little treats now and then. Anyways, see you at supper!
Lon'qu: You help people even when they don't know it? ...Wait. Let someone else cook tonight. It's time for your first fencing lesson.
Cordelia: Er, but what about the whole pathological fear of women thing? Lon'qu: I shall instruct you from a distance. Now tell me what you wish to learn.
Cordelia: Why, that's downright gentlemanly of you

[edit] A Level

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