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Cordelia: Say, Virion... Do you have a moment?
Virion: My dear Cordelia! For you, I have all the moments in the world.
Cordelia: Er, yes, well... I just have a question.
Virion: Ask away! I count myself an expert in music, astrology, cuisine, art, and more besides! How might humble Virion assist the lovely and talented Cordelia? She whose wisdom and knowledge are sung by bards throughout all Ylisse!
Cordelia: Actually, that's somewhat related to what I wanted to discuss. See, the truth is... Um...
Virion: Tsk! it is most unlike my good lady Cordelia to speak with such hesitation. Gallant Virion cannot help but shed a tear of pity at such a plight. Mayha-
Cordelia: Will you PLEASE stop interrupting me and let me finish?! Gods, this is awkward enough as it is...
Virion: Apologies... I seems your presence reduces me to blathering like a lovesick schoolboy. However, leaving my verbal disruptions aside, you still seem a bit lost for words. Perhaps I can rescue you from your traumatic tongue-tied trial? For in my boundless perspicacity, I believe I have identified your trouble!
Cordelia: ... Go on.
Virion: Indeed! Yes, well. *ahem* Here goes... You are lovely, but firm and single minded, which leads you to treat others harshly. You regret this flaw with all your being, and wish to reform your character... Well? Has Virion once again struck bulls-eye?
Cordelia: That's... That's exactly what I was thinking... How did you know?
Virion: Do not ask the gods why they bring sunshine to the land, dear Cordelia! Milady's sweet words carry easily on the wind, if one is only attentive.
Cordelia: You've been spying on me?! How dare you, sir!
Virion: Well, "spying" is overstating it a bit, don't you think? I merely overhear...
Cordelia: Well, I... Hrmmm... Do you see? This is what I'm talking about. I mean, you shouldn't eavesdrop on me, but I shouldn't have said that, either.
Virion: There are those who prefer criticisms wrapped in soft silks, it's true... But rest assured, many of us prefer the honest and forthright approach.
Cordelia: Oh, this is hopeless...
Virion: Wait, milady! Virion has yet to impart all of his sage and sapient advice!

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