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[edit] C Support

Lissa: Huh. That's odd. I could have sworn he was over here some— Ah ha! There you are, Frederick! ...Geez, why the grumpy face?
Frederick: I fear this is the only face I have, milady. Was there something you needed?
Lissa: What are you doing back here?
Frederick: Inspecting the contents of our armory for worn or damaged equipment.
Lissa: Oooo! I'll help!
Frederick: I cannot allow that. You could cut yourself, or accidentally—
Lissa: Do you think I'm an idiot?! Honestly, Frederick!
Frederick: I think you are a princess whom I am duty-bound to keep safe.
Lissa: Yeah, yeah, booooooring...
Frederick: Was there something you needed from me?
Lissa: Oh, no. I mean yes, but... I wanted to ask you a favor.
Frederick: How may I serve you?
Lissa: I want you to train me like you do the others. I'm tired of struggling to keep up with everyone. I wanna hold my own!
Frederick: A fine idea—it would be my pleasure to assist in your training. Though I must warn you, I am not a gentle teacher. Be certain you want this.
Lissa: Oh, I am!

[edit] B Support

Frederick: Come, milady. It's time for your lessons. And don't bother trying to run away this time. I'll fetch my horse if need be.
Lissa: Guh... Me and my big mouth. Frederick, pleeeeeease! My whole body's one big bruise after yesterday.
Frederick: A clear indication you need to train more. You're badly out of shape. Now come. You'll never get stronger by making excuses.
Lissa: I won't get any stronger if I die from training too hard, either! I need a break, Frederick. Do you know what a break is?
Frederick: I'm familiar with the concept, yes. But it's not something I engage in personally.
Lissa: How is that possible? People need to let off steam or they explode. It's very messy.
Frederick: I exist to serve and protect you and Chrom. That is my role as a knight. The oath I took did not include stipulations for time off.
Lissa: You know what? I think you just don't know HOW to relax. Frederick: ......
Lissa: Wait! I thought I was joking... Was I right?! You don't know how to relax?!
Frederick: ...Enough talk. Adopt your stance. We'll practice dodging arrows.
Lissa: More like dodging questions.
Frederick: ......
Lissa: All right, fine. I can see this is going to take some doing. So how about this: in exchange for you making me stronger, I'll train you in the art of slacking off. You should feel honored. I'm the best slacker in all Ylisse!
Frederick: Milady, we really don't have time for—
Lissa: If we don't make the time to waste, we'll never learn to waste time!
Frederick: Wasting time learning how to better waste time seems a frightful waste of time indeed.
Lissa: Exactly! So let's get started.
Frederick: Perhaps this time I should be the one running away...

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