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Ricken: Gregor! Heeeeey, Gregor!
Gregor: Is no need for bellowing like crazy person. Gregor is old, but ears still hearing fine.
Ricken: So, okay. I need you to tell me everything you remember about the last battle. I was way at the back behind the fighters, so I couldn't see anything at the front line.
Gregor: Hmm... Why you want to know? Ricken is writing history of battles?
Ricken: Exactly! Gregor: Gregor not minding to answer questions, but why do you do this thing?
Ricken: If we keep detailed records, we can learn from them and do better next time.
Gregor: Is serious boy, here! Gregor like that. Okay, Gregor helps. In last battle, Gregor fouhgt on front line. At his side-
Ricken: Er, actually, you can skip the stuff you did. I don't need that. I just need to know about Chrom. This history's about him and me.
Gregor: Ho ho! Ricken has hero worship for big many Chrom, eh?
Ricken: Her worship? Ha! All Chrom does is treat me like a child. My plan is to keep a detailed record of all the stuff the two of us do in battle. Then he'll have no choice but to recognize me as a full-blown shephard soldier. Anyway! Can we get back to my questions?
Gregor: Gregor wishes he were Chrom so he, too, have party of fawning flunkies...

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