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Henry: ...Aw, poor little doggy. The silly mutt stepped in a hole and hurt its leg.
Henry: Huh? What the hey?
Olivia: I know you! You're that creepy kid who likes blood and magic and...blood magic! You stay away from that poor little doggy!
Henry: But this dog is hurt. See, his leg has this—
Olivia: N-no! Stop! I'll take care of him and nurse him back to health!
Henry: Huh? Oh, okay, sure! We can take care of him together!
Olivia: T-together? Waaait a second. Aren't you going to sacrifice him to your dark god or something?
Henry: You're a crazy lady. Why would I do that? I love doggies! I want to save his life! Right, boy? Who's a good boy? Aren't you glad the crazy lady wants to help us? Yes you are!
Olivia: Hey! How am I crazy? You're the one who's obsessed with blood!
Henry: Hey, that's a medical condition! Show some respect!
Olivia: Oh, never mind. Right now, we have a dog that needs looking after. Will you run and get me some bandages?
Henry: You got it, crazy lady!

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