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[edit] C Support

Lissa: Tsk, my stupid brother can be so selfish sometimes! I spent AGES making this pie, and he didn't eat a bite! Oh well. I suppose I'll just have to eat the whole thing by my—
Kellam: I'll help.
Lissa: ARRRGH! KELLAM! Gods! D-don't sneak up on me like that!
Kellam: But... I've been standing right here since before you arrived...
Lissa: Oh... Well, yeah... I guess I should be sorry, then. So, what were you saying? You want some of this pie?
Kellam: Yes, please! I'm awful hungry... *Munch, munch* Mmm... Mmm? Murf... Lissa: Well? How is it?
Kellam: *Cough* *hack* Haaaaaaa... Um, it's... Well, it certainly...exists...
Lissa: I know, right? I add an elixir to give it that extra kick. I can't believe Chrom wouldn't have any. It's so good for you!
Kellam: Actually, Lissa, perhaps you could try it once without the elixir...
Lissa: Really? Huh. Well, maybe next time. Hey, do you know a lot about cooking? You could taste-test more of my pies! I want to make a pie that not even jerkface Chrom can resist!
Kellam: Well...if you really need a guinea pig. I...guess I could help out... In these times of turmoil, we all have to make sacrifices for the greater good.
Lissa: ...Sacrifices?
Kellam: Er, well, that is... Sacrificing, diet!

[edit] B Support

Lissa: Kellam, it's ready! Kellam! Where are— Oh! There you are. Here it is, Kellam! A piping-hot pie fresh from Lissa's oven of surprises!
Kellam: ...Oh. Joy.
Lissa: I made an extra-big one this time, so eat as much as you like.
Kellam: *Shudder* Okay... L-let's see it... *Sniiiff*
Lissa: You see how the filling has a rainbow of colors in it?
Kellam: Golly, so it does...
Lissa: It's more savory than sweet. I plan to serve it as a dinner.
Kellam: Let me...just have a little sample first. Let's see... *chew* GURGH!
Lissa: Kellam?! Are you all right? Is that good heaving or bad heaving? Does the filling taste funny? I didn't mess it up again, did I...?
Kellam: L-Lissa, do you ever...taste the dishes yourself? Lissa: Nooooo. Why? Should I?
Kellam: It's...a good gave this to me...first... Th-then...only one of us...need...know...the horror...
Lissa: K-Kellam?! Oh gods, he fainted! Kellam, can you hear me?! Stay away from the light! Gah! Where did I put my healing staff?!

[edit] A Support

Kellam: I haven't seen you baking any pies recently, Lissa. Don't tell me you've given up.
Lissa: But...aren't you angry with me?
Kellam: Angry? About what?
Lissa: Well, you know. When I almost killed you with my rainbow filling.
Kellam: Why would I be angry? It wasn't intentional. Er, it actually WASN'T intentional, right?
Lissa: Kellam, you are SO sweet! ...You know, I don't think I've ever seen you angry. Not even once.
Kellam: I've never seen the point of anger. It's not much fun for anyone. Whenever I feel myself getting mad, I hold it in until it fades away. Because it always does in the end.
Lissa: You know, Kellam. I'm going to have another go at making a pie. And this time it's going to be totally delicious, and you'll get the first taste!
Kellam: Um... That sounds...nice?

[edit] S Support

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