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Lissa: There you are, Lon'qu! I take it my brother talked to you?
Lon'qu: Er...
Lissa: Oh, stop it! Yes, I'm a girl, but it's your job to guard me! So no running away and being all weird. All right?
Lon'qu: Chrom said there was a plot on your life. Is this accurate?
Lissa: Yeah, I guess somebody wants my sweet little head on a platter. Don't ask me why!
Lon'qu: You're of royal blood. That's enough to make you a target. And any shadow could hide a knife, so we must ensure you are never alone.
Lissa: My hero! I don't have to worry about a thing with you around! La la laaaa...
Lon'qu: Don't be careless! Keep your eyes open! Death could lurk in any nook or... *Sigh* Surely there is someone else better suited to this task.
Lissa: Yeah, but you were just lazing around catching butterflies all day, so Chrom—
Lon'qu: I certainly was not!
Lissa: J-just kidding, Lon'qu! K-kidding! I'm sure Chrom was impressed by your skill and charm and good looks! I mean, out of everyone here, he's trusting you to keep his little sis safe. That's a pretty huge honor, right? ...Riiiiight?
Lon'qu: ...I suppose.
Lissa: Right! So come on, no more grumbling! Let's shake hands and make nice!
Lon'qu: ......
Lissa: Oh, fine. No handshaking. We can just...nod at each other. Sheesh! Do you really have such a problem with women?
Lon'qu: I find them...disconcerting. But it will not interfere with my duty.
Lissa: Hmm... Maybe as thanks for guarding me I'll go ahead and fix your little problem...
Lon'qu: ...Or maybe not?
Lissa: Fiiiiiine! I'm going to train, then. You can...just stand there and look dour.
Lon'qu: That suits me just fine.

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