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Avatar: No, of course not. I'm thankful for what you did. I truly am. But it scares me all the same. Chivalry and longevity don't often go hand in hand.
Chrom: Ha! I wish I had a gold coin for every time I got this lecture.
Avatar: I can only offer advice. I'm afraid. You really should be more careful in the future.
Chrom: I'm sorry, but no. If it happened again today, i'd do the same exact thing...
Avatar: But-
Chrom: Peace. Avatar. I have heard your counsel, and I know you mean well. But as I said, this is who I am. I can't change that, nor would I want to.
Avatar: I... I understand. If that is your decision, then so be it. Just do and try and be careful, Chrom. For my peace of mind, if not your own?
Chrom: I will. I promise.

[edit] B Support

Avatar: Chrom! Are you all right?!
Chrom: Er, yes. I'm fine. ...What's got you so excited?
Avatar: I heard you were attacked behind the mess tent!
Chrom: Pfft! Some local thug approached me with a dagger, but he bolted when I drew iron. It was dark... The poor fellow probably thought he as mugging a merchant! Ha!
Avatar: You challenged him alone?!
Chrom: Well, I wouldn't say "challenged," exactly. More like "shooed away." Can't very well just leave that sort around the camp, can we?
Avatar: By the gods, Chrom! Please, I beg you, do not take any more of these foolish risks.
Chrom: Hah! You do realize were at war, right? Just walking onto the battlefield is a risk.
Avatar: I don't fear anyone besting you head-on; I fear you being stabbed in the back! Many of our enemies do not share your sense of honor.
Chrom: Do you really think some random cutpurse would get the better of me?
Avatar: Shall I list every hero who said that before being poisoned, sniped, or snared?
Chrom: Well, I don't think a list is necess-
Avatar: You're our COMMANDER. Chrom... Battlefield victories mean nothing if an army loses its leader. You are no longer simply your own man. You stand for all of us.
Chrom: Enough... You have a point. You're you always are. I will be more careful. Thank you. Avatar.

[edit] A Support

Avatar: I hear you've been going on patrol with a couple of the men.
Chrom: Only to patrol the immediate area.
Avatar: ...You know what i'm going to say, don't you?
Chrom: That it's too risky, and I need to be more careful. Yes. thank you, mother.
Avatar: But if you know this, then why-
Chrom: Look. I understand enemies could be lying in wait to try and kill me. But there could also be others who need my help! There's a war going on, and people are suffering. I can't ignore them. I won't.
Avatar: So why not send your own men to search for these hapless innocents?!
Chrom: Because.
Avatar: Becauuuse...?
Chrom: Because...of you. If I hadn't been there-if Frederick alone had found you-would we have ever met?
Avatar: ...Probably not.
Chrom: You see? And it's not just you, Avatar. It's everyone like you. I know going out there exposes me to danger, and I haven't always been careful. But it's a risk i'm willing to take in order to connect with the people. To forge bonds.
Avatar: Bonds? Between who?
Chrom: You and me. Me and the others. The villagers we've met, the world we've seen... Such bonds are the true strength of this army. Without them, we've lost. Others may disagree, but that's one benefit of leadership: I make the final call.
Avatar: It's hard to argue when you use me as your example. But at least let me come with you.
Chrom: So you can watch my back?
Avatar: That's part of it, yes. But I also want to be there when you find the next me, face down in a field. I want to help you make this army stronger. I want to help you forge new bonds.

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