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Olivia: Um, hey, Panne...?
Panne: What do you want, man-spawn?
Olivia: Oh, er, sorry! I didn't mean... N-never mind! Bye!
Panne: Wait. You must have wanted something, or you wouldn't have approached me.
Olivia: Erm...
Panne: Well? Out with it! What is your compliant?
Olivia: C-complaint?! Oh gosh, no! I don't have a complaint!
Panne: Then state your business. Quickly.
Olivia: wondering... That is to say... Well, it's a bit silly, but... What do you think of me?
Panne: I do not think of you.
Olivia: Oh! R-right. Yeah, I suppose that was kind of a strange question. It's just that I feel so useless most of the time, so...
Panne: You are not.
Olivia: You really think so? Because—
Panne: You do not trust me? You think I am lying?
Olivia: Oh gosh, no!
Panne: I find your search for reassurance puzzling. If you are here, then clearly you are needed. If you were useless, Chrom would have left you by the side of the road somewhere.
Olivia: I...guess?
Panne: Are you perhaps laying the groundwork for a future failure?
Olivia: What? No! I would never do anything like that...
Panne: ...Wouldn't you?

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