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Panne: There is rain, but the sun shines still. ...Strange.
Virion: It's called a sun shower, my dear lady. Quite beautiful, in its own way.
Panne: That was not a question, man-spawn. And do not speak to me without cause.
Virion: And here I thought that was a natural entrée into civilized conversation. Ah, well. I've met many a lovely lady who built up high walls around her. ...And I've surmounted them all.
Panne: Perhaps I will stuff and mount you in my warren! If it is your aim to provoke me, I accept. Let us fight and be done with it. Choose your weapon!
Virion: A duel? How romantic! Then my weapon, sweet lady, shall be my words. I am a far better poet than I am a warrior anyway.
Panne: As you wish.
Virion: Your graciousness, my dear, is without peer. Now by all means, after you.
Panne: I know of you, you lecherous worm. Your transgressions are legend. You turned tail and left vassals to die so that you might pursue mates! The very sight of you causes bile to rise in my throat. I curse your name!
Virion: ...Perhaps I ought to have picked daggers after all.
Panne: I have spoken. Take your turn, poet.
Virion: Alas, I fear I know no words with which to injure a lady. And so, I admit defeat and bid you farewell.
(Virion leaves)
Panne: Hmph. Weakling...

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