Fire Emblem (device)

This page refers to the Fire Emblem, a plot device used in most Fire Emblem games. This is not to be confused with the game of the same name.

The Fire Emblem is a recurring plot device used in all of the Fire Emblem universes. Each continent has a different Fire Emblem, of varying forms and importance.


[edit] Forms of the Fire Emblem

[edit] Akaenia

It is in the form of a shield, which was used by the hero, Anri who slayed the Dark Dragon Medeus. It allows the bearer to use the holy Falchion sword. Once upgraded with all of the Star Orbs, it becomes the Shield of Seals.

[edit] Jugdral

The Fire Emblem is the name of the Velthomer house's crest.

[edit] Elibe

A gemstone used in the ascension ceremony in Bern. It is also possesses the ability to create a magical seal and undo such seals created by it. In the Hasha no Tsurugi manga, the Fire Emblem allows Al to unseal his dragon strength locked inside him.

[edit] Magvel

A portion of Grado's Sacred Stone which houses the Demon King's soul. It has the ability to heal wounds, burns, and other injuries, and can even resurrect the dead.

[edit] Tellius

The Fire Emblem is also known as Lehran's Medallion. Like its name implies, it is the medallion owned by the heron, Lehran, who used it to seal the Dark God, Yune. Because it contains the embodiment of Chaos, whoever who touches it will enter a berserk state if they do not have a balance of good or evil.

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