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Official full-body artwork
Name Flavia
Katakana フラヴィア, "Furavia"
Birthday October 28th
Race Human
Hails From Ferox
Class Hero
Relations N/A
Allegiances Ferox (East Khan)

Flavia is one of two Khans of Regna Ferox and, because of Chrom and company, is the ruling Khan during the war period of Fire Emblem: Awakening.


[edit] Fire Emblem: Awakening

[edit] Biography

Flavia is the East Khan of Regna Ferox, a land north of Ylisse in which houses a very powerful military. Regna Ferox's ruling Khan is decided by a tournament of each Khan's respective warriors. Basilio, Regna Ferox's other Khan, has bested Flavia in the years prior to Chrom's arrival. After defeating Flavia's border patrol, however, Flavia requests Chrom serve as her year's warrior in the tournament. Chrom agrees under the conditions that, if won, Flavia would use her new power as head Khan to support Ylisse in the war against Plegia. Chrom and company defeats Marth, Basilio's new champion, Flavia is made head Khan and Chrom receives support from Ferox.

After the war with Plegia, Flavia returns to Regna Ferox to rebuild her country. Flavia serves as a very influential character of the game who serves Chrom throughout the war with necessary support.

[edit] Personality

[edit] Recruitment

Flavia will automatically join in Chapter 23, Invisible Ties.

[edit] Base Stats

[edit] Normal Mode

Stat Base Growth Rate
HP 48 95%
Str 25 55%
Mag 5 20%
Skill 28 70%
Class Hero Spd 26 65%
Level 10 Lck 21 55%
Skills Fea-armsthrift-skill.png Armsthrift
Fea-patience-skill.png Patience
Fea-sol-skill.png Sol
Def 23 40%
Weapon Level Swords: A
Axes: B
Res 11 30%
Inventory Silver Sword
Short Axe
Mov 6 N/A

[edit] Hard Mode

[edit] Lunatic Mode

[edit] Supports

[edit] Marriage

[edit] Other

[edit] Quotes

In the name of Regna Ferox, I'll tear the whole world down if you but asketh of me. That's a Khan's promise.!


[edit] Gallery

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