Footsteps of Fate

Meeting Sain and Kent
The odd pair of tactician and sword fighter continue onward with their journey. In order to prepare, they stop at Bulgar, the central city of Sacae. It is here they are acquainted with two nights from Lycia, Sain and Kent. Upon trying to leave, Lyn is confronted by a bandit who intends to do her harm. Sain and Kent come to her aid.
  • Sain and Kent join your party.
  • Most of the chapter is predetermined (easy and normal modes).

[edit] Post-Battle Story

Sain and Kent describe their mission to Lyn. It turns out they were searching for Marquess Caelin's granddaughter, whom he did not know he had until recently when he read a letter from his daughter, now deceased. His daughter was Lyn's mother. Lyn decides to head to her grandfather's castle to meet her only remaining family, accompanied by the tactician and allowing Sain and Kent to join as well.

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