Galdr (plural Galdrar) is used in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. There are various different songs of Galdrar including Bliss, Sorrow, Valor, Recovery, and Vigor.

The Galdr of Vigor revitalizes allies, allowing them to take another turn during the Player Phase. The Galdr of Bliss raises an ally's biorhythm, while the Galdr of Sorrow lowers an enemy's biorhythm. The Galdr of Valor is used on Laguz allies which energizes the Laguz, allowing them to transform right away. The Galdr of Recovery fully heals an ally's HP to full.

The Galdr of Rebirth is the song that Reyson and Leanne sang that revived the Serenes Forest. They also used this song to remove the curse on Rajaion that made him one of the Feral Ones. The Galdr of Rebirth usually requires at least two of the Heron Laguz to work, however after Ashera passes her judgement in Radiant Dawn, the Galdrar is more powerful. This allowed Reyson to remove the same curse that Rajaion had from Elincia's uncle, Renning.

The Galdr of Release is also an important song in Radiant Dawn. It had been passed on from the Heron princess, Lillia, to Elena, and she then passed it down to her daughter, Mist. The song is sang by Micaiah in an attempt to free Yune from Lehran's Medallion rather than releasing her through the chaos of war. This prevents everyone from being killed, and instead has the Beorc and Laguz of Tellius petrified in stone, except for a large group of people.

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