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Official full-body artwork
Name Gangrel
Katakana ギャンレル, "Gyanreru"
Birthday March 16th
Race Human
Hails From Plegia
Class Trickster
Relations N/A
Allegiances Plegia (Former Leader)

Gangrel or Gyanreru is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Awakening. He is voiced by Anthony Jenkins in the English version and Sakamaki Manabu in the Japanese version.


[edit] Fire Emblem: Awakening

[edit] Biography

[edit] Personality

[edit] Recruitment

Gangrel is recruited in Paralogue 18: The Dead King's Lament after having three mid-battle conversations with enemy Chrom.

[edit] Base Stats

[edit] Boss: Chapter 11

[edit] Normal Mode

Stat Base Growth Rate
HP 49 N/A
Str 21 N/A
Mag 20 N/A
Skill 29 N/A
Class Trickster Spd 33 N/A
Level 15 Lck 15 N/A
Skills Fea-locktouch-skill.png Locktouch
Fea-movement+1-skill.png Movement+1
Fea-luckyseven-skill.png Lucky Seven
Fea-acrobat-skill.PNG Acrobat
Def 18 N/A
Weapon Level Swords: B
Staves: C
Res 17 N/A
Inventory Levin Sword Mov 6+1 N/A

[edit] Hard Mode

[edit] Lunatic Mode

[edit] Supports

[edit] Marriage

[edit] Other

[edit] Quotes

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