Glory Unwanted

Glory Unwanted
Glory Unwanted.jpg
Part 1, Chapter 8 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
objective Rout
defeat Micaiah dies; all prisoners die
units Allowed 12
units Gained Two; Nailah and Rafiel
boss Radmin

"So... it's a trap after all." "Don't get too smug, you cruel cowards! We have a little something up our sleeves too!" - Micaiah and Sothe after realizing they ran into a trap.

Laguz warriors led by Tormod join the escaped prisoners, and Daein's army grows ever larger. Its victories at Talrega and other key locations have strengthened its position. The army rides across the land, liberating prisoners from Begnion encampments. The Daein ranks swell with the influx of veteran soldiers, and the men begin to dream of the day when they may retake the capital. Like a fever, conflict grips the nation. The night will be long before this fever breaks. All eyes turn toward Daein's capital as the liberation begins what all believe will be a long and bloody march.

After Tormod's confrontation with Begnion's apostle, Sanaki, Sanaki promises to pay closer attention to the way things are being run in Daein. Tormod and Sothe alike agree that Sanaki is not an evil person and most likely is unaware to the brutality done under the Senate's hand in Begnion.

Hearing the news, Jarod and the senate in Daein must hastily get rid of the Daein Liberation Army for good in hopes of not upsetting the Apostle who would punish them for unjustly ruling the country to which they were assigned. Jarod falsely spreads the rumor of a massacre happening in a nearby swamp and lures Micaiah, who goes alone without her army but instead close friends as to avoid an ambush, and ambushes her.

Upon successfully saving the prisoners of the swamp, Micaiah returns to the army's camp which is in uproar over her victory. Micaiah waves to her army, following the advice given by Nailah to present herself to be approachable.


[edit] Script

Glory Unwanted/Script

[edit] Base

[edit] Shop Bargain

  • Wyrmslayer
  • Wind Edge
  • Javelin
  • Hand Axe
  • Olivi Grass

[edit] Info

  • Sothe (*)
  • Tauroneo: Restore (***)
  • Vika: Goddess Icon (***)

[edit] Items

There are no possible items to acquire in this chapter.

[edit] Boss

[edit] Normal/Hard Modes

Class Thunder Sage
Level 1
HP 30
Strength 10
Magic 20
Skill 17
Speed 16
Luck 11
Defense 11
Resistance 15
Move 6
Constitution 11
Weight 11
Weapon Mastery Fire - E; Thunder - C; Wind - E

[edit] New Units

  • Nailah, who joins at the beginning of the chapter.
  • Rafiel, who joins at the beginning of the chapter.

[edit] Reinforcements

  • Bandit to the west on turn 2
  • Wyvern knight to the south on turn 5
  • Two mages to the west on turn 6
  • Two wyvern knights on turn 8

[edit] Bonus Experience

  • Clear (Easy/normal: 1500) (Hard: 750)
  • Complete within 6 Turns (Easy/normal: 750) (Hard: 375)
  • Prisoners' survival (per unit, max 6) (Easy/normal: 200) (Hard: 100)

[edit] Strategy

Terrain is your main enemy in this battle, and without Jill, can be tricky to save the prisoners in the swamp. If you're trying to save every last one, immediately begin moving your units that way and kill the Wyvern Knight before he can kill any prisoners. If you're only looking to survive the chapter, have Nailah rescue the prisoner closest to her. She already has godly high statistics for this chapter and will see no downfall from the rescue. Like other chapters, try to avoid using Nailah, Volug and Maurim; they will only steal experience from other units who need it.

Use Tormod to kill the bandits to the south while you wait for Maurim and Vika to transform. Sending Edward down south is also wise, as most of the units there are axe-wielders. Meanwhile, Sothe, Nolan and any other units can head south, breaking up as you see fit to go east and west. Preferably have a high resistant unit go west, as the left side of the map is primarily magic wielders. Sending Vika this way may also prove to be helpful.

Slowly make your way left and right, avoiding the area where the boss is all together. When you eventually clear these areas out, wait for the reinforcements and kill them too. When the rest of the map is clear, storm the area where the boss is and he should be relatively easy to kill.

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