Heather as she appears in
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Name Heather
Game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Age 20s
Race Beorc
Home Country Crimea
Class Rogue
Level 7
Affinity FE10Fire.png
Skills Pass
Known Relations Unnamed Mother
Allegiance Crimea

Making her debut in Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, you find her in Chapter 1 of Part 2. You can talk to her when she appears and she will join your team for permanent use. She is a bandit and is very useful for picking locks/stealing items from enemies.

[edit] Personality

When you find Heather she is looking around the villages in Crimea. She supports her family who is sick by pickpocketing items and such that she knows she shouldn't do. She's a laid back character that becomes handy with stealing items. Even though she knows she shouldn't steal, she always does.

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