Hector FE7.png
Hector as he appears in
Fire Emblem
Name Hector
Game Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi,
Fire Emblem
Age 17 (FE7),
37 (FE6)
Race Human
Home Country Lycia
Class General (FE6),
Lord (FE7)
Level 20 (FE6),
1 (FE7)
Affinity AffinThunder.gif
Skills None
Known Relations Uther (brother),
Lilina (daughter),
Unnamed parents (deceased)
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[edit] Description

Hector is a major character of Fire Emblem, and is a major NPC from Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi, where he is Lilina's father.

In Fire Emblem, Hector is a young lord and a good friend of Eliwood. Hector's parents died of a disease and his older brother, Uther, is the current Marquess of Ostia.

Hector is bold by nature, and his straightforward, blunt mannerisms are often a source of consternation among Lycian nobility. Tiring of the inaction on the part of the Lycian nobility against Marquess Pherae's recent disappearence, he gathers his axe and sets out on a quest to help Eliwood search for his father Elbert, who is reluctantly joined by some of his Ostian colleagues, Matthew, a spy for Ostia, Serra, a Cleric in employ of House Ostia, and Oswin, his brother's personal Knight.

His parents death had affected him greatly as a child, and as such, when his brother, Uther, was on his deathbed, Uther gave explicit orders to keep Hector in the dark, as he would have to make the painful choice of abandonning his friend who needs his help, or abandon his brother, who is on his deathbed. When he finally forces the truth out of Oswin, he puts on a facade of calmness in order not to trouble Eliwood, who had already lost his father and a loved one.

Hector eventually acquires the legendary axe Armads, used by the legendary Durban and helps defeat Nergal with it. Hector also appears in Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi, albeit only briefly before he dies from injuries sustained in battle. This fate was retconned in Fire Emblem, where Durbans had warned him; "he who wields Armads shall die not peacefully, but in battle". Hector took this warning seriously but chose to accept in order to help Eliwood. This is one of two major foreshadowing moments, the other being in Eliwood and Hector's supports, when Hector discusses a dream about a daughter and a red-haired boy, Roy and Lilina.

[edit] Fire Emblem: Awakening

Hector appears as a free Spotpass character under the game category Fire Emblem. Her appears as a level 20 General and can use both Axes and Lances (the new General class limits his ability to use swords). To be recruited the player can ether defeat his team, or pay around 18,000 gold, he posses the weapons Hectors Axe and Armads which cannot be recovered after he is defeated. Despite being on level 20 his stats are far from capped giving players the ability to continue upgrading him, through the use of Second Seals. His appearance is actually very similar overall to his previous game appearances, sporting blue armor; however since he is a General his armor is very bulky.

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