Ismaire as she appears in
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Name Ismaire
Game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Age 40s
Race Human
Home Country Jehanna
Class Queen,
Swordmaster (Creature Campaign)
Level 9
Affinity AffinWind.gif
Skills None
Known Relations Joshua (son)
Allegiance Jehanna

Ismaire, the Queen of White Dunes, is the queen of Jehanna on the continent of Magvel. She makes her appearance in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones where she is betrayed by her right hand, Carlyle, who was manipulated by the Grado general, Caellach. She is killed by Caellach when she refuses to hand over the Sacred Stone of Jehanna. When Eirika and her group arrive, the queen only wishes to see her son. She is the mother of Joshua, a myrmidon that joins Eirika's party when spoken to with Natasha. Just before Queen Ismaire dies, she gives Joshua the Sacred Twins of Jehanna, which include the blade known as Audhulma, and the magic tome Excalibur.

[edit] Creature Campaign

Upon unlocking Creature Campaign, one can unlock queen Ismaire as a usable unit when completing the Tower of Valni once completely. Unlike the story where Ismaire's class is titled "Queen", she is now a Swordmaster. She comes equipped with a Shamshir, Wind Sword and a Master Seal.

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