Jill Fizzart
Jill as she appears in
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Name Jill Fizzart
Game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance,
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Age 10s
Race Beorc
Home Country Daein
Class Wyvern Rider, Dracoknight
Level 8 (FE9), 14 (FE10)
Affinity FE10Thunder.png
Skills None
Known Relations Shiharam (father)
Allegiance Daein

Jill Fizzart is a minor playable character of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, who has a prejudice against Laguz until she travels with the Greil Mercenaries for awhile during the Mad King's War. She then learns that the Laguz are not like how the Daein citizens have taught her as a child. In both games, she appears as the Wyvern Knight's lowest class.


[edit] Personality

Jill has been taught to hate Laguz as much as any Daein citizen. Her prejudice against Laguz stems from everyone in Daein referring to Laguz as "Sub-Humans" and "evil". She joins the Greil Mercenaries onboard a ship to Begnion to defeat some Ravens and bring home some glory. However, after spending some time with the rest of the mercenaries, including the Laguz, Jill realizes that Laguz aren't evil, and joins the Crimean Liberation Army to find the truth. This ends in her fighting and possibly defecting to the side of her father, Shiharam, who fights for Daein.

[edit] Path of Radiance

Jill joins the Greil Mercenaries while onboard a ship to Begnion. She fights only to bring home some glory after killing some Laguz. However, she stays with the mercenaries and sees that Laguz aren't evil. This causes her to join the mercenaries, but she feels unwanted, as stated in her support conversations with Mist. She complains that she's from Daein, which is their enemy, so she doesn't socialize with most of the people in the army. She and Mist form a bond due to both having their fathers die. She also comes to respect Lethe after seeing the views some Laguz have on Beorcs. At the end of the war, she joins Haar in forming a wyvern delivery service.

[edit] Radiant Dawn

Jill is one of the protectors of Prince Pelleas alongside Zihark and Tauroneo. She aids the Daein Army in purging the country of corrupt Begnion soldiers. She stays in the army up to the Laguz-Begnion war. The Daein army is forced to fight for Begnion, which Jill protests against, implying she does not believe in King Pelleas anymore. She fights with the Daein Army regardless, fighting against Laguz, Crimean soldiers, and the Greil Mercenaries, her old comrades. She can also be spoken to by Haar and can join the Laguz Alliance as a result. If someone with an A-support speaks to her, however, she will join the Daein Army once again.

After Ashera passes her judgement, she joins one of the three armies heading to the Tower of Guidance. When all armies arrive, she can join the 17 units chosen to enter the tower and fight various enemies. Fighting against Sephiran, he reveals that, because of his part in the Mad King's War, he played a hand in Shiharam's death, which causes Jill to wish him death. At the end of the battles, Micaiah cedes Talrega to Jill. If she has an A support with Haar, it is implied that he became her husband. Her bonds with Mist and Haar remain in this game as well. It is stated that she made Talrega prosper.

[edit] Growths

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