"Sons of strength", the title given to the Laguz by the tales of old. The Laguz are a species of animal-like beings form Tellius in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. These beings have the ability to transform or shift into their respective animal, representing the title of "strength" by being able to attack via their shifted self, be it Fang, talon, etc. The Laguz can take on a more human-like form but retain their ears, tails, wings, etc., giving their identity as Laguz away. The Laguz are highly respected for their brute strength as opposed to Beorc's wisdom and can not equipped anything other than their natural weapon.

Lagus are classified as being under three different tribes: the Beast Tribe, the Bird Tribe and the Dragon Tribe. Laguz were once imprisoned by Beorc and, thus, harbor a hatred for them, as it is vice versa. A Laguz Emancipation Act freed most of the Laguz and since then vanquished the insults given to Laguz. Despite the act and motivation for some to live in harmony with both Laguz and Beorc, some Laguz remain in slavery while others despise the Beorc. Throughout the history of the Tellius Series, Laguz slowly find a home for themselves and the hatred between Beorc and Laguz comes to an end.


[edit] Laguz Species

[edit] The Beast Tribe

Beast Tribe
Cat (Laguz).jpg
Tiger (Laguz).jpg
Lion (Laguz).PNG
Wolf (Laguz).png

[edit] The Bird Tribe

Bird Tribe
Hawk (Laguz).PNG
Raven (Laguz).PNG
Heron (Laguz).PNG

  • Hawks - flying laguz skilled and strong. Notable Hawks: Tibarn, Janaff, and Ulki.
  • Ravens - flying laguz skilled in speed as opposed to strength and skill. Notable Ravens: Naesala, Nealuchi, and Vika.
  • Herons - flying laguz that lack the ability to fight. The Herons (albeit the royal family) are all extinct in due to the Serenes Massacre. Herons use galdr, a form of song that allows units to move again, as opposed to combat. Notable Herons: Reyson, Rafiel and Leanne.

[edit] The Dragon Tribe

Dragon Tribe
Red Dragons
White Dragons
Black Dragons
Red Dragon (Laguz).PNG
White Dragon (Laguz).PNG
Black Dragon (Laguz).png

  • Red Dragons - Powerful, fire-breathing dragons. Notable Red Dragons: Ena and Gareth.
  • White Dragons - Magic associated dragons as opposed to brute strength. They excel in magic and resistance and breathe light-based fumes. Notable White Dragons: Nasir.
  • Black Dragons - The strongest type of Dragon, usually that of the Royal Family of Goldoa. These dragons excel immensely in all areas of statistics and out-combat their fellow Red and White Dragons. Notable Black Dragons: Kurthnaga, Dheginsea, Almedha, and Rajaion.

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