Laguz Alliance

The Laguz Alliance is an alliance initially begun by Gallia, Phoenicis and Kilvas, lands of the beast and bird tribe, respectively.

The alliance was composed initially to interrogate Begnion about their role in the Serene Massacre, an onslaught that nearly wiped out the Herons as a whole, albeit Reyson, Rafiel, Leanne and their father. When Begnion rejects their questions and murders their delegate, the Laguz Alliance decide to invade Begnion and take down their Senate.

Ranulf, right hand man to Skrimir, Gallia's general-to-be, hires Ike and the Greil Mercenaries to aid the Alliance in a fight Ranulf knows will be difficult. With Laguz and Beorc alike, the Laguz Alliance sweeps several Begnion posts and advances heavily upon the state.

However, due to a Blood Pact performed by Naesala, king of Kilvas, the Ravens were compelled to abandon the Laguz Alliance and out their plans, degrading their previous advancements and giving up all previous advantages they held over Begnion.

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