Laura as she appears in
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Name Laura
Game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Age Unknown
Race Beorc
Home Country Daein
Class Priest
Level 1
Affinity FE10Wind.png
Skills Shove
Known Relations
Allegiance Daein

Laura appears in Radiant Dawn very early into the game, where the protagonists meet her outside a castle. She needs a cure for the Abbot, and agrees to fight their way through the castle to find the cure. They succeed, and she is so grateful that she decides to join your team.

Laura, although rather easy to be picked off by enemies, remains one of the key members of your team. She can heal everyone with her staff and when she regains her life back each turn, and she also gets EXP for healing people. She is a key asset, worth boosting up the most and resetting the game if you lose her.

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