Legault, the Hurricane, as he appears in
Fire Emblem
Name Legault
Game Fire Emblem
Age 20s
Race Human
Home Country Bern
Class Thief
Level 12
Affinity AffinIce.gif
Skills None
Known Relations None
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Legault (ラガルト Lagarto) is a minor character in Fire Emblem, and is the "Hurricane" of the Black Fang. His abilities have been described as the best among the Black Fang barring comparison to any one of the Four Fangs. He defects from the Black Fang after Nergal's influence over the organization starts growing stronger.


[edit] Character Data

[edit] Background

Legault was among the founding members of the Black Fang, a group of assassins who targetted nobles who abused their power. His choice to involve himself in such an organisation was his trust in their leader, Brendan Reed.

While working with the Black Fang, Legault was in charge with targetting traitors within their ranks, which did not earn him a good reputation amongst his colleagues. After Nergal and his morphs infiltrate the Black Fang, he began receiving orders to target Black Fang members who served no purpose to the Fang anymore, the elderly and injured included. This causes him to mistrust Nergal and Sonia, whom he knows are using the Black Fang for their own agenda.

After carrying an order to assassinate Aesha, a wounded female friend of his, Legault, filled with regret, decides to sever ties with him and the Black Fang, which leads him to join Eliwood's group at the Dragon's Gate.

[edit] Base Stats

MHP: 26/60
STR:  8/20
SKL: 11/20
SPD: 15/20
DEF:  8/20
RES:  3/20
LUK: 10/30
MOV:  6/15
CON:  9/20
AID: 8
Level: 12
Class: Thief -> Assassin
Affinity: Ice
Equipment: Steel Sword, Lockpick, Light Rune (Eliwood's Mode)
           Steel Sword, Chest Key, Chest Key (Hector's Mode)

[edit] Growth Rates

MHP: 60%
STR: 25%
SKL: 45%
SPD: 60%
DEF: 25%
RES: 25%
LUK: 60%

[edit] Supports

             C      B      A
Matthew     41     81    121
Heath       41     81    121
Nino        41     81    121
Jaffar      76    156    236
Isadora     81    161    241

[edit] Recruiting

In Eliwood's Mode, he will be recruited if spoken to by Eliwood or Lyn in Chapter 19.
In Hector's Mode, he will be recruited if spoken to by Hector or Lyn in Chapter 20.

[edit] Death Quotes

Legault: I guess it's time... to meet...

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