Leonardo as he appears in
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Name Leonardo
Game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Age 10s
Race Beorc
Home Country Daein
Class Archer
Level 4
Affinity FE10Water.png
Skills Cancel
Known Relations
Allegiance Daein, Dawn Brigade

Leonardo is one of the youngest members of the Dawn Brigade. You start off with him at the beginning, and he comes equipped with a Bow and Arrow as well. He has a very timid approach to things and usually likes to listen more than speak.

He dreams of becoming a master archer and trains a lot. Serious and thoughtful, Leonardo always keeps a cool head, even in times of crisis. Edward thinks he nags too much.

[edit] Personality

As stated above, Leonardo usually remains calm and serious. He prefers to stay in reality, as opposed to Edward. Leonardo's serious nature leads him to take everything seriously, even jokes from Edward. Despite this, the two are close, as Leonardo calls him his "best friend and family". He prefers to take things in stride, saying that Micaiah and Edward attacking bandits was reckless. He still joins in the fight, however, as he wishes to make Daein a free country again.

[edit] Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Leonardo first appears to assist Micaiah and Edward in driving off bandits. Once the battle finishes, he heads back to the Brigade's base with the duo. Leonardo assists the Brigade throughout the game. He is the sole Archer of the Dawn Brigade, but his strength is limited.

In Part III, Leonardo, along with the rest of the Dawn Brigade joins the fight against the Laguz Alliance. Leonardo receives Lughnasadh, his personal Bow, which ups his speed. He fights with the army for the rest of part III. In the beginning of Part IV, he fights by default with the Silver Army, along with the rest of the Dawn Brigade, but his position can be switched. He can be used to guard the ledges in Duke Tanas' villa with the Greil Army, fend off Feral Laguz with the Hawk Army, or provide ranged backup with the Silver Army, where his use is limited by the Grann Desert in Chapter 3. In Endgame: Rebirth, Leonardo can join the 11 units that enter the Tower of Guidance, or can fight the revived Disciples of Order outside the tower. In the aftermath of the battle, Leonardo stays with the Daein military, being beset by women across the nation.

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