Maiden of Miracles

Maiden of Miracles
Maiden of Miracles.jpg
Part 1, Chapter 1 of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
objective Easy Mode: Defeat Boss; Normal/Hard Mode: Escape within 10 turns
defeat any units die
units Allowed Four; Micaiah, Edward, Leonardo and Nolan
units Gained One; Nolan
boss Isaiya

''This way's no good either. Begnion soldiers have every alleyway blocked. A kitten couldn't sneak past them." - Edward describing Bengion's search for the Dawn Brigade. "There are more coming up behind us! We'll be trapped if we don't move quickly!" - Micaiah warning the others of soldiers behind them, compelling them to move forward with haste.

Tellius – The year 648 – Early summer. The northeastern nation of Daein lost a bloody war with neighboring Crimea three years ago. Crimea, however, abdicated its right to rule Daein and passed sovereignty of its former enemy to the powerful Begnion Empire. Daein's future is now subject to the whims of the empire. Begnion's occupations forces have gathered all of Daein's men of fighting age and put them to work in labor camps. Their work is brutal and void of purpose, designed to break both body and spirit. The remaining population faces poverty and starvation as the fields lie fallow. A band of young heroes has escaped the Begnion army to form a group called the Dawn Brigade. Fighting for a free Daein, they alone have stood against Begnion's forces. They alone have shouldered the hopes of their nation. Among the company is a young girl named Micaiah, who is said to possess mystical powers. The people of Daein have come to know her as the "Silver-Haired Maiden." They have come to think of her as the savior for whom they had been waiting. Begnion's forces have tried time and time again to capture and silence the Dawn Brigade. However, Micaiah's ability to sense impending danger has thus far allowed the Dawn Brigade to evade the empire's grasp.

When Micaiah, Edward and Leonardo admit to exposing themselves earlier in Under Gray Skies, Sothe, co-leader of the Dawn Brigade, scolds Micaiah for her foolishness and compels her to promise not to be seen using Sacrifice, a rare gift that will instantly show who she is, again. Micaiah promises and the group departs their current hideout in hopes of making it out of the city alive and to another city where they can rebel the oppression.

The group finds a slightly-less populated route by Begnion soldiers and risk being sandwiched if they don't press forward. Sothe is not present but they hope will catch up once they carve a pathway for themselves.

After escaping, Sothe will meet up with the rest of Dawn Brigade and lead them through town into the center where he knows they will evade detection because of the amount of people there. Micaiah sees Nico here where, along with his mother and the other citizens in the market, form a barrier to conceal the fleeing Dawn Brigade. Despite being merely citizens, the Begnion soldiers open fire with arrows on the market and hit Nico. Micaiah returns, sensing something horrible happened, and uses Sacrifice in the open to save Nico from death. The citizens reform a barrier as Sothe carries a very weak Micaiah away. Jarod appears and kills three men apart of the barrier, separating the crowd.

Micaiah and the others evade Jarod and his soldiers and flee Nevassa, where they all met.


[edit] Script

Maiden of Miracles/Script

[edit] Items

[edit] House

  • Vulnerary
  • Hand Axe; a useful item for Nolan

[edit] Dropped

  • Steel Sword, dropped by the boss

[edit] Boss

Class Myrmidon
Level 7
HP 25
Strength 7
Magic 0
Skill 14
Speed 14
Luck 6
Defense 6
Resistance 13
Move 6
Constitution 11
Weight 11
Weapon Mastery Mastery of C in Swords

[edit] Reinforcements

  • Two soldiers, one archer, and one fighter on turn 8 (on normal/hard only).
  • Four soldiers, two archers, one fighter, and one myrmidon on turn 9 (on normal/hard only).
  • Two soldiers, one archer, and one myrmidon on turn 10 (on normal/hard only).

[edit] New Units

  • Nolan, who will join automatically from the beginning of the chapter. He is crucial in this chapter and should be treated as a tank for the other, weaker units.

[edit] Bonus Experience

  • Clear: (easy/normal: 80), (hard: 40)
  • Complete within 7 turns: (easy/normal: 40), (hard: 20)

[edit] Strategy

Following Nolan's advice from early on in the chapter is wise. Keep Nolan in the front lines, protecting the others from direct attack and using them to pick the enemies off when they have lower hit points. Nolan should keep a vulnerary or herb with him in case his health becomes dangerously low.

It is wise to keep to one long ranged unit and Edward, focusing on giving them experience over spreading it out. Leonardo is a typical unit that a player does not use and should be focused on less for a unit like Micaiah if this is the case for you. Using Edward to pick off enemies in the front lines is also advisable, but he can not take nearly as many hits as Nolan can.

Micaiah and Leonardo should be used to injure the boss before killing him. Nolan, being an axe wielder, will have trouble contacting with his axe and evading strikes. Edward is a smart choice to act as a tank, but keep an eye on his hit points. Finish the boss off with the unit you want to level up.

If playing on Normal/hard mode, be sure to check your turn. Micaiah must be on the yellow tiles by turn tens, so you need to clear a pathway to get her there in time. Escaping before turn ten is not suggested, though. Try to get as much experience as possible before escaping. Only Micaiah can end the chapter by escaping, though; the others will simply leave rather than end the chapter. You are rewarded with extra bonus EXP if other players escape, though, so it is advisable for them to leave.

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