Maraj as seen in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Name Maraj
Game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Age N/A
Race Human
Home Country Crimea
Class Wind Sage
Level 6
Affinity FE10Earth.png
Skills Shove
Known Relations N/A
Allegiance Ludveck

“...Tsk tsk. I did try to warn Lord Ludveck, but it seems that he is quite fond of you. If he knew of your little discovery... I'm certain he would have no qualms about eliminating you.”

Maraj's warning to Lucia before engaging her in battle.

Maraj is the boss of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiant's Part 2, Chapter 2: Tides of Intrigue.

Maraj is one of Duke Ludveck's advisers who aided in the rebellion during Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn in attempt to overthrow Queen Elincia, who they saw as an inexperienced and fragile ruler. Maraj warned Duke Ludveck of Felirae about Lucia's sudden visit to his castle and saw it as a way for Lucia to confirm the rumors of the brewing rebellions. Mesmerized by her beauty, however, Ludveck shook off all suspicions and allowed lady Lucia to travel his lands in search of "fruit for her Laguz friends (Lethe and Leanne). Lucia discovered hand written documents by Ludveck, proving his aspiration to rule Crimea.

Just as she begins to leave, Maraj surrounds the cave and only exit with rebellion soldiers and engages Lucia in a battle to the death in hopes of preventing her from bringing the news back to Crimea. With their secrets discovered, Maraj attempts to kill Lucia to silence her but eventually dies at her blade, leaving her free to return to Crimea where she reports the rebellion and assembles plans accordingly.


[edit] Stats

Level 6
HP 35
Strength 10
Magic 23
Skill 19
Speed 19
Luck 5
Defense 13
Resistance 18
Move 6
Constitution 11
Weight 11
Weapon Mastery Mastery of B in Wind; Master of E in Fire; Master of E in Thunder

[edit] Quotes

[edit] Versus Lucia

Maraj: Well, look what we have here… Lady Lucia and her pack of curs. How interesting. What cause could you have for roaming the grounds at night, hmm?
Lucia: Cause? Why, we’ve merely lost our way.
Maraj: Is that so? In that case, I will gladly escort you back to the castle.
Lucia: That’s quite all right. We should be going home. But please do give Lord Ludveck a message.. Tell him that his revolt will never succeed!
Maraj: …Tsk tsk. I did try to warn Lord Ludveck, but it seems that he is quite fond of you. If he knew of your little discovery… I’m certain he would have no qualms about eliminating you. 

[edit] Versus Nealuchi, Lethe or Mordecai

Maraj: To associate with beasts like you... One has to wonder where the queen acquired such a lack of taste.

[edit] Versus Leanne

Maraj: What a... vision of enchantment! Oh, that I must mangle such beauty! Truly, I will regret this day... 

[edit] Death Quote

Maraj: My death...means nothing... Our perfect... There is... nothing... nothing the queen...can do...
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