Micaiah as she appears in
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Name Micaiah
Game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Age Unknown
Race Branded
Home Country Daein
Class Light Mage
Level 1
Affinity FE10Dark.png
Skills Sacrifice,
Known Relations Sanaki (sister),
Lehran (ancestor),
Altina (ancestor)
Allegiance Daein, Dawn Brigade

Micaiah is the main protagonist of Radiant Dawn, and leads the Daein Liberation Army into battle. She is often called the "Priestess Of Dawn" and other names because of her special gift that allows her to bring people back to life or heal big wounds. She has a big bond with fellow friend Sothe, and they start off with a support bonus together.

She starts off as a Light Mage, and uses Tomes and Spells to attack enemies from distances. She is very weak in close range however and during the later chapters she can usually be killed in one hit.

Micaiah will eventually serve as Daein's fifteenth queen.


[edit] Character Data

[edit] Background

[edit] Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

Micaiah first appears in the prologue of Part I. There, she is being hunted by Begnion soldiers. As she is about to be caught, she is rescued by Sothe, and the two escape.

The next day, Micaiah and Edward are waiting for Leonardo, a fellow Dawn Brigade member. When bandits attack, the two of them (three once Leonardo arrives) fight the bandits off, and are then chased by the Begnion Occupational Army. Once they arrive at the base camp, Sothe and Nolan arrive, and Micaiah explains why there were more soldiers than before. Later, the group minus Sothe tears through the alleys of Nevassa, fleeing the city. Micaiah saves Nico, a child who was shot by an arrow, and is carried to safety by Sothe. This forces the group to leave Nevassa.

After helping Laura recover the medicine from the Begnion army, Micaiah is captured in hopes that Laura will be released. This does not work, however, and she ends up in the Glaive Prison with Ilyana, Laura, Aimee and Kurthnaga. Sothe arrives and rescues the five, and joins with the rest of the brigade, escaping the prison, recruiting Aran along the way.

After joining with the merchant caravan in hopes of finding Ashnard's son, the group heads into the Desert of Death, accidentally stumbling into the home of bandit Laguz. After defeating the enemy, Micaiah and Sothe travel further into the ruins and find three other Laguz: Rafiel, Nailah, and Volug, from Hatari. After bringing them back to Daein, the group continues to search for the Prince, finding him guarded by Tauroneo, Jill and Zihark. After joining the Liberation army, the group proceeds to rescue various soldiers, including Fiona and her Marado soldiers, Tormod, Muarim, and Vika from the Laguz Emancipation Army, and even the Black Knight.

After completing the Chapter 1 Endgame, Micaiah gains full trust from Prince Pelleas, and her appearance changes. Her usual red clothes change to blue, and she generally becomes a lot more powerful.

[edit] War

In part III, Micaiah is forced into the war on Begnion's side against the Laguz Alliance. Jill and Sothe protest this course of action, but Micaiah believes Pelleas knows something they don't. Micaiah and the Daein army face off against the Laguz crossing the river, and temporarily halt them. The army is forced to retreat after a decoy plan works in nearly surrounding the Daein army. Daein does not interfere in the war until Chapter 11 where the army attempts to protect the Oribes Bridge, which results in failure. Micaiah collapses from exhaustion, and while recovering, Pelleas reveals why Daein is in the war: a Blood Pact. If Daein does not stop the Laguz Alliance, Daein will be destroyed. Micaiah inspires Pelleas to find a way to break the pact, and attempts to face off against the Crimean Royal Knights. They harm many Pegasi, and nearly kill Sanaki. Tibarn hangs Sothe in the air above a gorge, which causes Micaiah to stop the attack. She collapses when Sothe is saved by Ulki. When Ike arrives, he asks Tauroneo to talk some sense into Micaiah, to which he replies that they have no choice in the war.

Before the next battle, Pelleas reveals he knows how to break the Blood Pact: by being killed. In the first playthrough, Micaiah or Tauroneo can kill him, but in every other playthrough, he can be saved. If he is killed, Almedha reveals that the mark of the blood pact hasn't faded yet, which means the curse is still in effect. This cause Micaiah to be overcome with disbelief.

In the battle in Nox Castle, Micaiah can speak to Ike in the battle. She notices how Sothe was right. Ike was a nice person, but she still had to fight him. She realizes Ike wasn't as bad as she thought. When the Laguz infiltrate the castle, Kurthnaga arrives in time to stop the Laguz from doing any major damage. In the endgame battle, Micaiah and Sothe enter a building on the Laguz Alliance's side, and sings the Galdr of Release, awakening Yune and Ashera. Yune takes over Micaiah's body, and explains the basics of what has happened to the world. Micaiah becomes the leader of the Silver Army, joined by Sothe, Skrimir, Sigrun, Naesala, Leanne and Sanaki. The Dawn Brigade members are also by default on the team, but they can be switched.

[edit] The Journey to the Tower

Fighting in a town in Daein, the group is the first that faces off against the Disciples of Order. After winning the fight, the group continues into the Grann Desert. There, she finds Lekain, who has the blood pact in hand. She can speak to Stefan and recruit him as well, and the Black Knight also joins this fight and asks Micaiah to arrive at the Tower of Guidance with him quickly. She refuses the offer, and continues with the Silver Army, becoming the second group to arrive at the gates of Sienne.

When the dead are brought back to life, Yune advances Micaiah's power, promoting her into a Light Priestess. She enters the Tower of Guidance, and once Lekain and Hetzel are killed along with their army, Sothe finds the blood pact and Micaiah destroys it. After that, she continues with the group, receiving a blessing from Yune.

When she fights Sephiran, he will not attack her, as the other Spirits won't. In the second playthrough onwards, if certain conditions are met, Yune tells Micaiah how to save Sephiran. When that is done, the door leading to Ashera, once held by Sephiran's own magic, is unlocked. Sephiran can then join the fight.

At the end of the game, if Pelleas is alive, he abdicates the throne to Micaiah, and if she has an A support with Sothe, he becomes her husband. She helped unite the continent by signing treaties with the other countries. Sanaki reveals that by putting two and two together, she finds that Micaiah is her sister, the true Apostle. Micaiah confirms this, and rejects Sanaki's offer to stay in Begnion. She says Daein needs her, and that the two countries can become closer with treaties. Micaiah then says goodbye to Sanaki, her little sister. She helps lead Tellius into a golden age, along with the other rulers of the other countries Elincia, Skrimir, Nailah, Kurthnaga, Sanaki, and Tibarn.

[edit] Personality

Micaiah loves Daein. That is the most obvious trait shown from her. She is willing to risk her life to liberate the country, and this leads her to assisting Prince Pelleas into assembling a liberation army. She is friendly with a lot of people, including her fellow Dawn Brigade members, and is even reluctant to do battle with the Greil Mercenaries, including Soren and Ike. She loves Sothe the most, as he potentially becomes her husband, and have been together for years. She is rather short-sighted however, as she has no qualms about joining the war against the Laguz Alliance, joining Begnion, their former enemy. However, she does believe that it is the best thing for Daein, which leads her to fight anyway.

[edit] Base Stats

Base Stats
Light Mage
Micaiah Light Mage Sprite.png Level HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Move Constitution Weight
1 15 2 7 8 7 10 2 4 5 5 5

[edit] Growth Rates

HP: 40%
STR: 15% 	
MAG: 80% 
SKL: 40% 	
SPD: 35% 	
LUK: 80% 	
DEF: 20% 	 
RES: 90% 

[edit] Promotions

Light Sage
Micaiah Light Sage Sprite.png HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Defense Resistance Constitution Movement
+2 +3 +1 +1 +1 +3 +1 +1 +1
Light Priestess
Micaiah Light Priestess Sprite.png HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Defense Resistance Constitution Movement
+4 +5 +2 +2 +2 +5 +2 --- ---

[edit] Weapons

Micaiah is the only non-clergy unit to be able to equip light magic. She will also exclusively be able to use Thani, a light magic that is effective against armors and knights.

[edit] Supports

See: Micaiah's Support Transcripts

[edit] Recruiting

Micaiah will automatically join in Part 1, Chapter 1: Under Gray Skies, where she serves as the protagonist. She will make various appearances after this and rejoin in other parts.

[edit] Quotes

[edit] Death Quotes

Ah... This can't be... Forgive me... Sothe...

Micaiah, Part 1 Prologue

M-Micaiah?! No... You can't die! We need you! Hold on! No! Wake up, Micaiah!

Edward, Part 1 Prologue

I'm sorry... I can't... go on... Sothe...

Micaiah, Part 1 Chapter 1

Micaiah?! No! You can't die, not in a place like this! Please, listen to me... Micaiah!

Leonardo, Part 1 Chapter 1

Everyone... Quick... outside... Sothe... I'm... sor...ry......

Micaiah, Part 1 Chapter 3

Micaiah! No! This is my fault! If I had fought, this would never have happened...

Kurth, Part 1 Chapter 3

Ah... I... I can't... Sothe... Save Daein... ...Save... every one...

Micaiah, Part 1 Chapter 7

H-hey! Hang on! A little wound like this, you'll be up again in... in no time! So... just open your eyes...

Tormod, Part 1 Chapter 7

Forgive me... I dragged...everyone into this... Sothe...

Micaiah, Part 1 Chapter 8

Micaiah... Why you? Why? Why?

Rafiel, Part 1 Chapter 8

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