Midia's Official Artwork

Name Midia
Recruitment She joins you automatically in Chapter 12 along with Boah, Dolph, Tomas, and Macellan
Other information Midia is needed to recruit Astram.
Starting Class Paladin


[edit] Anyone Remember Isadora?

Midia is one of the 3,574 cavaliers and paladins who join Marth on his quest to retake Altea from the forces of Gra. Like most of them, she is uncannily silent. She is a leading figure in the knights of Archanea and has noble status there, joining along with several other knights in Chapter 12. Her lover in the game is the blond Hero Astram. Midia bears an uncanny resemblance to the unit Isadora from Fire Emblem, whose lover was also a blond Hero from the same country as her who had switched sides but could be rerecruited. They share identical growths in Strength, Speed, and Defense.

[edit] Strengths and Talents

Also like Isadora, Midia is a thoroughly mediocre character who is inferior to almost every other mounted unit in the game. She really only outdoes Jagen and Arron, which is saying absolutely nothing whatsoever. ordinarily Midia's growths would be perfectly useable, but she only has 19 level ups in which to use them. On top of this, here base stats are absolutely atrocious--barely better than Jagen's. To put things in perspective, Midia is usually inferior to the generally ill-regarded cavalier Vyland in every stat except Skill. Most players prefer to sacrifice her along with most of the rest of the units in her party in order to unlock the Gaiden chapters. She is required to recruit Astram, but since he's a rather poor Hero no one really cares. Recruit Midia if you're trying to make it through with no casualties. Otherwise, leave her.

[edit] Midia's Growths

Note: These numerical values are for when Midia is in her default class, Paladin.

Hit Points 80% chance of increasing on level up
Strength 30% chance of increasing on level up
Magic 0% chance of increasing on level up
Skill 50% chance of increasing on level up
Speed 50% chance of increasing on level up
Luck 10% chance of increasing on level up
Defense 20% chance of increasing on level up
Resistance 0% chance of increasing on level up

[edit] Midia's Base Stats

Level 1
HP 24
Strength 7
Magic 1
Skill 11
Speed 9
Luck 7
Defense 9
Resistance 6
Weapon Mastery Sword Mastery of D, Lance Mastery of C

[edit] Midia's Average Stats at Level 20/20

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