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Official full-body concept artwork
Name Miriel
Katakana ミリエル, "Mirieru"
Birthday February 12th
Race Human
Hails From Ylisse
Class Mage
Relations Laurent (Son)
Allegiances Ylisse


[edit] Fire Emblem: Awakening

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[edit] Personality

[edit] Recruitment

[edit] Base Stats

Stat Base Growth Rate
HP 18 70%
Str 0 15%
Mag 6+2 60%
Skill 5 60%
Class Mage Spd 7 60%
Level 1 Lck 6 50%
Skills Fea-magic+2.png Magic+2 Def 3 25%
Weapon Level Tomes: E Res 4 40%
Inventory Fire
Iron Axe
Mov 5 N/A

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