Norne's Official Artwork

Name Norne
Recruitment Have four characters or less after Prologue IV
Other information You cannot get Norne in any version of hard mode.
Starting Class Archer


[edit] Volunteer Soldier

Norne is an archer from Altea who chooses to help Marth in his quest if he has less than four characters remaining after Prologue IV. She remains with his army for the duration of the game, although since she is an optional character in the prologue she does not appear in any of the hard modes.

[edit] Strengths and Talents

Norne comes in early on in the game, and is considered to be one of the game's best archers, although there is some debate about this. While Norne has a higher strength and speed growths than Gordin, he has higher luck and defense growths. The rest of their growths are pretty average and similar to each other, and if you want you could get them both. However, this is redundant and requires killing off an excellent character, so most players have to decide between the two. In the end, neither is really superior to the other; it just comes down to what you want in an archer. The majority of people choose Norne since archers are used to attack at relatively long range, and a character with good defense can block the attacks she may receive. Gordin is more 'safe' only in the sense that he can take more hits, which is not necessary for archers. Some feel that the question is irrelevant anyways, as flying units can be destroyed just as easily with a tome, and long-distance hits are more easily achievable by ballisticians such as Beck and Jake.

[edit] Norne's Growths

Note: These numerical values are for when Norne is in her default class, Archer.

Hit Points 60% chance of increasing on level up
Strength 25% chance of increasing on level up
Magic 0% chance of increasing on level up
Skill 40% chance of increasing on level up
Speed 55% chance of increasing on level up
Luck 30% chance of increasing on level up
Defense 20% chance of increasing on level up
Resistance 0% chance of increasing on level up

[edit] Norne's Base Stats

Level 1
HP 16
Strength 4
Magic 0
Skill 1
Speed 5
Luck 3
Defense 6
Resistance 0
Weapon Mastery Bow weapon Mastery of D

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