On Drifting Clouds

On Drifting Clouds
On Drifting Clouds.jpg
Part 2, Chapter 1 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
objective Survive for eight turns
defeat Micaiah, Sothe, Nailah or the Black Knight dies
units Allowed 4
units Gained Five; Elincia, Leanne, Nealuchi, and Marcia. Haar joins during the battle.
boss Zeffren

“Daein has been reborn. Word of King Pelleas's coronation reaches neighboring Crimea within days. Crimea itself has spent the past three years rebuilding from the damage it suffered during the Mad King's War. News that Ashnard's son now sits on Daein's throne sends waves of unease and worry rippling across the land. Alas, this is not the only thing disturbing the people of Crimea during this time. There is an ever-widening gap emerging between Crimea's noble class and the nation's young ruler, Queen Elincia. Crimea lost its king during the Daein invasion, and Elincia is still an inexperienced ruler. What's more, her very existence was a secret from the public, and so she came unexpectedly to her succession. Many of Crimea's noble houses raised their voices in protest against her rule. Elincia's desire for a long-lasting peace has driven her to strengthen Crimea's ties with the laguz nation of Gallia, and to renounce Crimea's claim to rule over a defeated Daein. Her political moderation is seen as a sign of weakness among her critics. Ike, the young hero who led Crimea to victory in the Mad King's War, was granted a peerage for his heroism and bravery. The elevation of a common mercenary to the nobility, however, widened the rift between the aristocracy and the queen yet further. Perhaps to avoid becoming mired in these power struggles, Ike renounced his peerage and took his leave of the court. Yet Ike's actions did little to placate the nobility. They continue to criticize the queen's every decision, and lay squarely at her feet the blame for all of Crimea's woes."
On Drifting Clouds is the first chapter of Part Two of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. This chapter's terrain is soley in the sky and will feature only units with the capability to fly.

Elincia is bombarded with insults when she refuses to act on Daein's growth and instead focus on reconstruction. As a new and inexperienced Queen, her people constantly throw insult at her every move. When a very upset Elincia decides to go out for a walk, she takes to the skies to find Leanne and Nealuchi being attacked by Begnion soldiers who have crossed Crimea's line of territory. Despite being the Queen, Elincia pretends to be a pegasus knight and fights the dracoknights for Leannes protection.


[edit] Script

On Drifting Clouds/Script

[edit] Items

[edit] Dropped

  • Short Axe (Zeffren)

[edit] Boss

[edit] Normal/Hard Modes

Class Dragonmaster
Level 9
HP 43
Strength 25
Magic 3
Skill 23
Speed 16
Luck 12
Defense 21
Resistance 10
Move 9
Constitution 14
Weight 44
Weapon Mastery Lance - B; Axe - A

[edit] New Units

  • Haar will appear on turn four. Talk to him with Marcia or risk his disappearance from the game.

[edit] Bonus Experience

  • Clear (1,000; Normal/Easy) (500; Hard)

[edit] Strategy

Keep Leanne as far away as possible, but try to grant her as much experience as you can. Leanne, as will the other Herons, will prove to be an extremely useful unit to your army.

Elincia's only downfall in this chapter is her sword. She is fortunately blessed with great stats and growth rates and will easily evade almost all the axe wielders in this chapter, making her a great unit to roam freely. The same can not be said about Marcia. Keep an eye on Marcia's hit points and only allow one to two Dracoknights get within range, as more than that can kill her. Elincia's mend can also come in handy. When Haar arrives, immediately recruit him. He will serve as an invaluable player later in the game.

Nealuchi primarily serves to protect Leanne; use him for just that. Canto also allows him to swoop in for an attack and flee. He will avoid just about any attack thrown at him.

The chapter is relatively easy and should be approached hastily in hopes of defeating all the enemies and getting as much experience as possible before the eighth turn. Remember that the clouds are the only terrain obstacle and will slow units down while providing evasion bonuses. The clouds move after each chapter.

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