One Survives

One Survives
One Survives.jpg
Part 1, Chapter 8 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
objective Defeat Boss
defeat Micaiah dies
units Allowed 1
units Gained One; Micaiah
boss Jarod

Micaiah and her small band of fighters knowingly walk into a trap to save condemned Daein prisoners. Even without the benefit of Izuka's vast information network, news of Micaiah's heroism in Shifu Swamp spreads like wildfire across Daein. The once-hopeless citizens of Daein dub her the Priestess of Dawn and find their spirits restored. In their troubled hearts, they see in her nothing less than the promise of salvation. Throughout Daein, the people rise as one against the brutality of their oppressors. Begnion's occupying forces cannot deal with open war on so many fronts. General Jarod redeploys his men to key locations to better defend the capital city. Jarod's forces still outnumber those of the Daein liberators, and he has hardened his defenses in hopes of holding off Micaiah's army. The liberation forces fight with a fury not to be denied, however, and the occupation army begins to lose its will to fight. Breaking through enemy lines again and again, Micaiah's forces gain vital ground and momentum. Despite the anger Micaiah feels toward Izuka for his treatment of their laguz allies, she continues to lead the army in its lightning-quick advance. Nevassa is now mere days away.

Despite Vice-Minister of Begnion's demands to lead the inspection himself (to falsely report that Daein is under good hands), Empress Sanaki decides to appoint Sephiran, Prime Minister who will rule with a just hand. When Tormod breaks the news to Micaiah and Sothe, they believe the war is over and that soon enough they will return to their normal lives, the occupational army ceased to be.

Jarod doesn't target Numida, a senator who pinned the occupational army's doing on his head, but instead targets the person in charge for his now-exposed crime: Micaiah. He plans to separate her from the others of the Daein Army and kill her himself, his last mission.

This mission is the first mission in which the map is consumed in fog, a concealable barrier for the enemy units and only penetrable when units move closer to it. This is also the first mission in which the Black Knight is introduced as an ally.

Just as the Black Knight makes his stroke to kill Jarod, Jarod's assistant and close friend, Alder, intervenes and sacrifices himself instead. Micaiah lets him go, explaining that he is now in the apostle's hands.


[edit] Script

One Survives/Script

[edit] Base

[edit] Shop Bargain

  • Wind Edge
  • Javelin
  • Hand Axe
  • Shine
  • Statue Frag
  • Master Seal
  • Arms Scroll

[edit] Info

  • Pelleas: 10,000 Gold (***)
  • Jill: Pass (***)

[edit] Items

[edit] Hidden

  • Coin (6North and 6East, 6North)
  • Olivi Grass (4East)
  • Vulnerary (get from Enemy)
  • Conconction (take from the Black Knight)
  • Arms Scroll (6 or so spaces above general Jarod)

[edit] Boss

[edit] Normal/Hard Modes

Class Halberdier
Level 4
HP 39
Strength 20
Magic 4
Skill 20
Speed 19
Luck 10
Defense 18
Resistance 15
Move 7
Constitution 12
Weight 18
Weapon Mastery Lance - B

[edit] New Units

  • The Black Knight, who will save Micaiah when Jarod ambushes her.

[edit] Bonus Experience

  • Clear: (easy/normal: 2000), (hard: 1000)
  • In 13 turns: (easy/normal: 1000), (hard: 500)

[edit] Strategy

This mission is particularly difficult because of the fog. Micaiah should be leveled up enough at this point (and hopefully given a Seraph Robe!) to the point where she can take a hit. Her speed unfortunately prevents her from doubling just about anyone, though, and she will need two turns to kill a unit. Because of her poor defense and slowness, the Black Knight is essential to the victory of this game. Heading immediately left is wise, keeping fort in the small area of trees. This was Micaiah can alternate from moving left to right, avoiding possible soldiers. Station the Black Knight on the one-tiled space as to prevent enemies from getting passed him.

Battle Saves are your friend in this chapter. Because the player is unaware of the enemy units, you may need to resume the game here and there to try again. Remember to keep the Black Knight ahead of Micaiah at all times and to slowly progress west, north, east and then south. Jarod will not be visible until all other units are dead, and he will be where Micaiah and the Black Knight originally start during the chapter.

In short, the Black Knight should be utilized here, and as long as Micaiah is kept out of the way, should have ease clearing the map.

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