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Fire Emblem World
Name Orson
Game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Age Unknown
Race Human
Home Country Renais
Class Paladin
Level 3
Affinity AffinDark.gif
Skills None
Known Relations Monica (wife, deceased)
Allegiance Renais, Grado, Monica


[edit] Character Data

[edit] Background

OrsonFE8Chibi.gif Orson is a very experienced paladin who rides with Ephraim and is playable in chapter 5x. Orson is a highly respected paladin amongst the knights of Renais and is entrusted to personally escort Ephraim along his journey to Grado. After chapter 5x, Ephraim, Kyle, Forde and Orson seize Renvall but are tricked in the sense that Valter surrounded the castle in hopes of imprisoning the prince of Renais. They are successfully taken captive and Orson is not seen again until chapter eight when Eirika and Seth come in search of Ephraim.

Just before chapter eight, Orson lures the two into the castle and attempts to persuade Eirika into handing over her bracelet, one of two keys needed to obtain the sacred stone of Renais (the other being Ephraim's bracelet). Seth is quick to spot the errors in Orson's actions and recognizes the concealed blade Orson has with him, verifying that Orson was never imprisoned with Ephraim. Orson admits his defection and admits that his true desire is to be with his wife who Grado promised to bring back to life. Upon defeating Orson in chapter 16, Ephraim and company will notice that his wife was simply a puppet constructed by Lyon to get Orson to defect. His wife was never truly revived and Ephraim, in Orson's honor, kills the being that Orson thought to be his wife. Orson will flee chapter eight (before his wife's death), and will not be seen again until Eirika and Ephraim return to Renais in chapter 16, where Orson has been put in charge. Seth notes that Orson has failed as a ruler and has devoted his time solely to the attention of his wife, letting Renais fall further into ruin. Eirika and Ephraim will kill Orson at this chapter and see Renais returned to them.

[edit] Base Stats

[edit] Creature Campaign

Upon completing the normal game, the player can then engage in a mode called Creature Campaign. In this mode, Orson becomes a playable character if the player completes floor six of The Tower of Valni.

HP: 48  
STR: 18 
SKL: 15 
SPD: 14 
LCK: 6 
DEF: 14 
RES: 11 
CON: 12 
MOVE: 8 
Level: 13
Class: Paladin 
Affinity: Dark
Equipment: Runesword, Silver Lance, Red Gem

[edit] Growth Rates

HP: 80%
STR: 55%
SKL: 45%
Spd: 40%
LUK: 25%
DEF: 45%
RES: 30%  

[edit] Death Quotes

[edit] Chapter 5x Death Quote

Orson: This wound... It will slow me down. I must retreat

[edit] Chapter 16 Death Quote


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