Raise the Standard

Raise the Standard
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Part 1, Chapter 6.1 and 6.2 of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
objective Rout
defeat Any of the 'other' units die or if Micaiah or Sothe die
units Allowed 10
units Gained Three; Tauroneo, Jill and Zihark
boss Laverton

Three years past, Daein mustered all of its formidable military might and cut a bloody swath through neighboring Crimea in a sudden invasion. Daein was defeated, however, and the dreams of its ruler, Mad King Ashnard, died with him. Ashnard's son, Pelleas, possesses a gentle sincerity that is a bright counterpoint to his late father's violence and duplicity. Ill-suited though he seems for these troubled times, his presence is a welcome sight to Micaiah's eyes. Pelleas, declared rightful heir to the throne, finds his name becoming a rallying cry for Daein. At his side is the only person he believes can lead his Liberation Army... the Silver-Haired Maiden.

Chapter 6 of Radiant Dawn as two parts; section one and section two. This is the first time Micaiah has control of the Daein Liberation Army and runs into Terin, where the people here are being treated horribly by a Begnion commander Laverton. Laverton will attempt to sacrifice children in section two of this chapter in hopes of stopping the Daein Liberation Army, but local Marado soldiers, along with future playable character, Fiona, will intervene and rescue the children despite their agreement not to interfere with Begnion's actions.


[edit] Script

Raise the Standard/Script

[edit] Base

[edit] Shop Bargain

  • Javelin - 600g
  • Hand Axe - 625g
  • Kard - 2400g
  • Mend - 1000g

[edit] Info

  • Outside the Village: 1,000 Gold (***)
  • Kurth: Renewal (***)

[edit] Items

[edit] Part One

[edit] Dropped

  • Steel Sword
  • Hammer
  • Steel Lance

[edit] Hidden

  • Arms Scroll (10 East, 7 North)
  • Coin (18 East, 10 North)

[edit] Part Two

[edit] Dropped

  • Paragon (Enemy Laverton)
  • Red Gem (Enemy Sword Knight)

[edit] Hidden

  • Master Seal 12 north 7 east

[edit] Stealable

  • Steel Lance / Javelin (steal from an Enemy, the one you can steal depend on which he uses)
  • Vulnerary x8 (Steal Enemy)

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Normal/Hard Modes

Class Lance Knight
Level 16
HP 33
Strength 15
Magic 2
Skill 14
Speed 15
Luck 5
Defense 14
Resistance 6
Move 8
Constitution 12
Weight 36
Weapon Mastery Lance - B

[edit] New Units

  • Zihark who joins automatically at the beginning of the chapter.
  • Jill who joins automatically at the beginning of the chapter.
  • Tauroneo who joins automatically at the beginning of the chapter.
  • The player will be able to speak to Fiona with Micaiah, but Fiona will only be playable later in the game.

[edit] Reinforcements

  • Two thunder mages, an archer, two armored sword, one armored axe and two pegasus, spread all around the map on turn 1.
  • Two pegasus knight on the left side on turn 2.
  • Two pegasus knight on the right side on turn 3 (just a little over where you begin)
  • Two pegasus knight to the left of where you begin on turn 6.
  • Three pegasus knight and 2 soldiers near the priest and to the right of it, when the units near the priest moves.

[edit] Bonus Experience

  • Clear: (Easy/Normal = 1400) (Hard = 700)
  • Turn Bonus (15): (Easy/Normal= 700) (Hard = 350)
  • Marado Army Survived: (Easy/Normal = 200) (Hard = 100)
  • Prisoner Survived: (Easy/Normal = 200) (Hard = 100)
  • Allied units experience

[edit] Strategy

[edit] Section 1

There are two key locations that you'll want your units to station immediately; have strong, agile members like Zihark, Volug and Jill head north to intervene the path of the Sword and Axe Armors. Meanwhile, Edward, Sothe, Nolan and Leonardo can head to the central grass area with the others and take out the few units there. Try to focus on your weaker untis, as your newly acquired ones are already decently leveled, especially Tauroneo. You'll need all the experience you can give to the weaker ones for chapters to come. Try to use Leonardo to take out the Pegasi; they're easy experience for him. Jill is a good unit to use to take out Pegasi, too, as she can fly to their spawn points.

Slowly progress west through the central region until the pegasi stop spawning, making sure to keep your low defense units away from any harm. When the Pagasi stop spawning, the march north should be fairly easy to do.

[edit] Section 2

Depending on your play, this chapter can be tricky. You'll want to immediately cover two key locations on this map: the bridges. Using Tauroneo without weapons is a great tank unit on the closest bridge, while using long ranged units to slowly kill off any units. This will grant them experience that will become invaluable.

Meanwhile, send units like Sothe, Jill and Volug north to help Fiona survive. It is usually inevitable that at least one knight will fall, so having units up there to assist Fiona is ideal. Reinforcements will also come this way, so units like Zihark and Sothe will serve well to defend that area.

Mainly, you do not want any units to break the bridge area. This map is generally open and any units who break those tiles are free to rush at any unit of their choosing, leaving the player in a difficult situation considering most of your units at this stage are depressingly weak. Therefore, keep the lines strong with your tougher units and use Jill's canto and other units' long ranged attacks to slowly pick off the knights.

Remember that the enemy knights possess Canto and can attack and then continue moving. This will allow them to attack a single unit more than once and can be a tricky skill to counter. Keep an eye on your hit points and where your units lie in terms of enemy fire.

The boss is relatively easy as long as you save him for last. Tauroneo can single this map entirely if you're really having trouble, the boss included. It's recommended to use Micaiah's Thani again to get her experience. She should be able to kill him with only one hit. He does acquire a Paragon, however, which can be useful if stolen.

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