Reyson as he appears in
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Name Reyson
Game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance,
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Age Unknown
Race Laguz
Home Country Serenes
Class Bird tribe (FE9), Heron (FE10)
Level 3 (FE9), 5 (FE10)
Affinity FE10Fire.png
Skills Canto, Blessing, Galdrar, Shove
Known Relations Leanne (sister),
Rafiel (brother),
Lorazieh (father),
Lillia (sister, deceased)
Allegiance Tibarn, Serenes
Reyson is the third prince of Serenes. In the Path of Radiance he fought alongside Ike in the Mad King's War. He has a very close bond with his younger sister Leanne. Reyson is one of the four remaining Herons still alive after the Serenes Massacre. He is close friends with Naesala, despite being betrayed by him in the past. He is the younger brother of Rafiel, but, having lived in Phoenicis for two decades, has picked up many personality traits from the hawks: he possesses a temper and an iron will that are quite lacking in his brother. Like all herons, he does not attack and plays a supporting role on the battlefield. He also can heal allies standing next to him. When the bird tribes are united at the end of the game, he becomes a leader in the political arena.

[edit] Personality

As said above, Reyson picked up many vocabulary words and habits that the hawks used in Phoenicis. He is laughed at because he uses such strong words and gestures, and his looks and appearence are so fragile. He speaks and acts some what like his idol, Tibarn.

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