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Official full-body artwork
Name Ricken
Katakana リヒト, "Rihito"
Birthday May 23rd
Race Human
Hails From Ylisse
Class Mage
Relations N/A
Allegiances Ylisse

Ricken or Rihito/Licht is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Awakening. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in the English version and Yuki Masuda in the Japanese version.


[edit] Fire Emblem: Awakening

[edit] Biography

Ricken is the youngest member of Chrom's Shephards and is treated as such - much to his distaste. Ricken tries to mask his immaturity with perfecting his magic but is oftentimes treated as nothing more than a child. Ricken decides to join the Shephards in hopes of regaining his family's prestigious title lost in poverty.

Ricken is initially rejected from the Shephards journey in the war because of his age, but Ricken, against Chrom's orders, follows them to the border of Plegia where he saves Maribelle from Aversa and is accepted for his courageous act.

[edit] Personality

[edit] Recruitment

[edit] Base Stats

Stat Base Growth Rate
HP 20 85%
Str 3 20%
Mag 8+2 55%
Skill 6 50%
Class Mage Spd 5 50%
Level 3 Lck 10 65%
Skills Fea-magic+2.png Magic+2 Def 6 35%
Weapon Level Tomes: D Res 3 35%
Inventory Elwind Mov 5 N/A

[edit] Supports

[edit] Marriage

[edit] Other

[edit] Quotes

[edit] Gallery

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