Roy as he appears in
Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi
Name Roy
Game Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi
Age 15
Race Human
Home Country Lycia
Class Lord
Level 1
Affinity AffinFire.gif
Skills None
Known Relations Eliwood (father),
Unnamed mother (deceased),
Elbert (grandfather),
Eleanora (grandmother)
Allegiance {{{allegiance}}}
Roy is the son of Eliwood, and the main protagonist of Fire Emblem 6: The Binding Blade. His mother is deceased and he only has his father to help him. He also has one of the most powerful swords in the game, which is called "The Sword Of Seals" and he is very powerful with it. It also used in Super Smash Bros Melee, in which he appeared in along with Marth, but was replaced by Ike in the sequel.

Roy is a very thoughtful, strategic person that always seems to have a strong desire to help people in need, and ultimately strives to bring peace to Elibe. He has a cunning ego however, which he has shown when he was able to trick a Lycian vassal into blowing his cover. He also always keeps his emotions to himself, always reacting calmly to bad news, as shown when Elphin states that Lycia could be in danger because Roy and the army left to scout the Western Isles.

When you start the game off with Roy, he starts off with these stats:

HP: 18 Def: 5 Str: 5 MDF: 0 Skl: 5 Mov: 5 Spd: 7 Con: 6 Luc: 7 Rsc: 5

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