Ruled by Madness

Ruled by Madness
Ruled by Madness.png
Chapter 16 of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
objective Seize the Throne from Orson
units Allowed 12
units Gained One; Myrhh
boss Orson

In Chapter 16, Ephraim and Eirika return to Renais to find it in ruins. Seth explains at the gate of a case of betrayal by one of Renais's former knights, Orson. His wife Monica had died some six months back, and Orson could not take the pain, thus turning his back on Renais to serve Grado who brought his wife back from the dead using dark magic. Since the rightful heirs were driven away, Orson was assigned to temporary rule. However, his neglect and isolation caused caused chaos and a near downfall of the kingdom.

  • The boss's equipment and enemy layout will depend on whether or not you took Eirika or Ephraim's route.


[edit] Script

Ruled by Madness/Script

[edit] Items

[edit] Dropped

[edit] Chests

[edit] Boss

[edit] New Units

Myrrh rejoins the party in this chapter, being able to fight with her Dragon Stone that Selena had returned to her.

[edit] Strategy

The party begins at the entrance of the castle. Take note there are four treasure chests, one to the left and three to the right, so a thief or rouge would be beneficial as only one unit holds a chest key. Be wary of the sages guarding Orson; one has bolting and another has purge. These are long-range anima attacks that may catch you off guard. Orson also has a spear, a powerful lance with extra range. Be sure not to accidentally place a unit too close or it may cost you the chapter. There are also bishops with physic, which is long-range healing magic.

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