Selena as she appears in
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Name Selena
Game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Age Unknown
Race Human
Home Country Grado
Class Mage Knight
Level 11
Affinity AffinThunder.gif
Skills None
Known Relations None
Allegiance {{{allegiance}}}

Selena, also known as the Fluorspar of the Grado Empire, is one of Vigarde's highest ranked generals. Despite seeing his recent change, she continues to follow his orders, in hopes that it will eventually be for the good of Grado.

Growing up, she lived with her poor family. Her family lived off mere scraps, until one day Vigarde came to help their village, giving them food and money. Eventually this led to Selena becoming a knight in the Grado army. She continued her loyalty to Vigarde, eventually becoming one of his top generals when he presented her with a fluorspar.

During Vigarde's recent change, his son, Lyon orders Selena to enter Za'albul Marsh to find a Dragonstone for him to use in his research. She agrees, leading her army into the marsh, knowing that Prince Ephraim and his army are nearby.

Upon obtaining the Dragonstone, Selena is confronted by Myrrh. Myrrh asks her for the Dragonstone, and tells her of Vigarde's condition. Selena becomes upset, knowing that Vigarde would never again be the man he once was. Despite all this, Selena refuses to give Myrrh the Dragonstone because she owes her life to Vigarde. As Ephraim's army reaches the marsh, Selena frees Myrrh rather than capturing her, saying that she can have the Dragonstone back if Ephraim defeats her. Selena is eventually killed in the battle, and in doing so, keeps her promise to Myrrh.

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