Serra as she appears in
Fire Emblem
Name Serra
Game Fire Emblem
Age 16
Race Human
Home Country Etruria
Class Cleric
Level 1
Affinity AffinThunder.gif
Skills None
Known Relations Unnamed nobles (parents)
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Serra is a Cleric of the Saint Elimine Church under the employ of House Ostia of Lycia. She is first introduced in Chapter 5 in Lyn's story, as a Cleric being escorted by Erk to Ostia. She follows Lyn to reclaim Caelin and leaves for Ostia after the events of Lyn's Mode. She then reappears in Chapter 12 of Eliwood's and Hector's mode as one of Hector's vassals.


[edit] Character Data

[edit] Background

At first glance, Serra is a beautiful proud girl, who wants everything to go her own way. However, she puts up this facade in order to mask her painful past. She was born to a family of nobility in Etruria, however, was sent to live in an Ostian abbey after her family's safety was in jeopardy. She eventually becomes a Cleric and serves Lord Uther, who gave aid to their abbey once.

[edit] Base Stats

MHP: 17/60
MGC: 2/20
SKL: 4/20
SPD: 5/20
DEF: 2/20
RES: 5/20
LUK: 8/30
MOV: 5/15
CON: 6/20
AID: 5
Level: 1
Class: Cleric -> Bishop
Affinity: Thunder
Equipment: Heal, Vulnerary

[edit] Growth Rates

MHP: 50%
STR: 50%
SKL: 30%
SPD: 40%
DEF: 15%
RES: 55%
LUK: 60%

[edit] Supports

             C      B      A
Sain        41     81    121
Lucius      41     81    121
Hector      66    146    226
Oswin       71    151    231
Matthew     76    156    236
Erk         79    159    239
Florina     81    161    241

[edit] Recruiting

In Lyn's Mode, she is recruited by either talking to her with Lyn or ensuring her survival Chapter 5.
In Eliwood's Mode, she is automatically recruited in Chapter 13.
In Hector's Mode, she is automatically recruited in Chapter 12.

[edit] Death Quotes

[edit] Lyn's Mode

Serra : Owww! This can't be happening! Why me!?
Lyn   : Serra!
Serra : I... I'm going to excuse myself for a moment. I'll see you later.
Lyn   : Serra! Are you well?
Serra : It's not good. My apologies, but we must part here.
Lyn   : I see... I'm sorry.
Serra : How's this? You can borrow Erk. I've paid his fee in advance, so work
        him hard. I pray you meet your grandfather in good health.
Lyn   : Thank you.
Serra : See you again!
Lyn   : Yes, again...

[edit] Eliwood's and Hector's Mode

Serra: Ooh! Why me? This is SO annoying!

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