Chapter 2 of Fire Emblem: Awakening
game Fire Emblem: Awakening
objective Defeat Risen Chief
defeat Chrom or Avatar dies.
units Allowed 8
units Gained 1
boss Risen Chief
preceding chapter Unwelcome Change
succeeding chapter Warrior Realm

I wondered what manner of ignoramus would mislay their weapon. Now I know.

Miriel speaking to Vaike upon arrival.


[edit] Script


[edit] Items

Iron Sword from enemy Mercenary Iron Lance from enemy Soldier

[edit] Boss

[edit] Normal Mode

Boss Risen Chief
Class Barbarian
Level 4
HP 26
Strength 11
Magic 0
Skill 7
Speed 8
Luck 3
Defense 4
Resistance 1
Inventory Hand Axe

[edit] Reinforcements

There are no reinforcements this chapter.

[edit] New Units

Vaike and Stahl are available from this chapter onwards. Miriel also joins you during the chapter.

[edit] Strategy

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