Sibling Blades

Sibling Blades
Sibling Blades.jpg
Chapter 18 of Fire Emblem: Awakening
game Fire Emblem: Awakening
objective Defeat Yen'fay
defeat Chrom or Avatar dies.
units Allowed 13
units Gained None
boss Yen'fay
preceding chapter Inexorable Death
succeeding chapter The Conqueror

Why, General, such a melancholic air about you today. Whatever is the problem? ...Oh, is today the day you face off against your beloved sister? Dear me, of course it is! Well, then, of course you'd be in a foul mood... Our Objective is to destroy the enemy supplies. The senators store their food and personal effects in crates. If we burn those crates, the senators will likely pull their troops back to protect their own hides.

Excellus speaking with Yen'fay just before the battle.

With the recent betrayal of the resistance forces in Valm, Chrom and company are forced to make a last minute all-or-nothing plan with Say'ri to keep their forces alive. Avatar devises a plan to sacrifice a small portion of their army to keep Walhart distracted to the north, while Chrom and their strongest soldiers march southward to attack Yen'fay - this way, they'll split The Empire's forces in half and increase their chances of survival.

Say'ri notes that the turned resistance members will attack them from behind at any chance they get, ensuring Ylissean's defeat. Chrom decides to take the battlefield to the notorious Demon's Ingle, an active volcano of Valm that natives stay away from. In doing this, Chrom hopes the turned resistance forces won't ambush them from behind. Say'ri knows that not even the notorious volcano can sway her brother's stubbornness, and it's on the volcano that the siblings are forces to duel for their lives.


[edit] Script

Sibling Blades/Script

[edit] Items

    • Note: when the land submerges into lava, the chest will open and the item within will be destroyed.

[edit] Boss

[edit] Normal Mode

Boss Yen'fay
Class Swordmaster
Level 15
HP 50
Strength 22
Magic 3
Skill 27
Speed 28
Luck 24
Defense 15
Resistance 13
Inventory Amatsu, Noble Rapier

[edit] Reinforcements

There are no reinforcements this chapter.

[edit] New Units

There are no new units this chapter.

[edit] Strategy

Portions of the surfaced land in this chapter will submerge in lava. Units stationed on submerged pieces of land will be inflicted with damage -- moving cautiously yet hastily southward to avoid this extra damage is advised.

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