Sonia as she appears in
Fire Emblem
Name Sonia
Game Fire Emblem
Age Unknown
Race Morph
Home Country None
Class Sage
Level 17
Affinity File:AffinNone.gif
Skills None
Known Relations Brendan Reed (husband),
Nino (adopted daughter),
Lloyd Reed (step-son),
Linus Reed (step-son)
Allegiance {{{allegiance}}}

Sonia is a major enemy character in Fire Emblem, and is one of Nergal's morphs who is planted in the Black Fang to manipulate its leader, Brendan Reed.

[edit] Background

Sonia is one of Nergal's created morphs, however she is under the delusion that she is a real human. Sonia was created by Nergal in order to seduce and marry Brendan Reed, in order for Nergal to gain control over the Black Fang.

Prior to the events of Fire Emblem, Sonia and Nergal attacked a Lycian house of nobles in order to discover the secret of the Dragon's Gate, leaving only an infant. Under Nergal's orders, Sonia resentfully raised the girl, Nino, as her own. She releases her frustration on her adopted daughter, trying to demoralise her every chance she gets.

She does not love Brendan, a fact that her step-sons Lloyd and Linus have caught on, however, they obey her orders in honour of their father. She apparently loathes Morphs, referring Limstella as a "puppet" and is shocked to discover that she herself is one, when Limstella does not attempt to harvest Quintessence from her when she is slain by Eliwood's group.

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