Soren as he appears in
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Name Soren
Game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance,
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Age Approximately 20
Race Branded
Home Country Goldoa, Daein, Crimea
Class Mage (FE9)
Wind Sage (FE10)
Level 1 (FE9) 5 (FE10)
Affinity FE10Dark.png
Skills Shove, Adept
Known Relations Ashnard (father),
Almedha (mother),
Kurthnaga (uncle),
Rajaion (uncle-deceased),
Dheginsea (Grandfather)
Allegiance Greil Mercenaries, Ike

[edit] Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

[edit] Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Soren first appears in the execution cutscene after Part II: Endgame. He helps the Greil Mercenaries save Lucia from being executed Ludveck's rebels. Afterwards, he leaves for the Mercenary base alongside the rest of the mercs.

The Greil Mercenaries join forces with the Laguz Alliance, and help the Gallian Beasts secure Flaguerre and Mugill, Begnion fortresses. Soren acts as the tactician alongside Ranulf, planning the sieges and strategy. He frequently comments on Skrimir's actions, and regards him as a fool.

Soren helps the group defend Castle Seliora, escape unscathed from the Kauku Caves, helps rescue Queen Elincia, and helps fend off the Daein army. In Part III: Endgame, on second playthrough and afterwards, if Pelleas survives, he may speak with him before battle, which helps unlock the knowledge of his heritage in Part IV: Engdame.

In Part IV: Soren joins the Greil Army, alongside Ike, Titania, Mist, Nailah and Rafiel. He still acts as the tactician of the group, and is a help in the two chapters before Endgame. Soren is a viable endgame unit if you train him. His health is low, but he can deliver some decent damage. He and Bastian are the only Wind magic users, and Soren is stronger by far.

If certain conditions are met, Soren's heritage is revealed after the final battle. Almedha reveals to Kurthnaga that she has realized that Soren is her true son. This means that he is both the prince of Goldoa AND Daein, as Ashnard was Almedha's husband. Soren, if he has an A support with Ike, will follow him to lands unknown.

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