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Swords are the weakest and lightest weapons of the weapon triangle. Many classes in all of the Fire Emblem games use swords as their primary weapon, such as Myrmidons, Swordmasters, Mercenarys, and Heros, and many Lords.

They are close ranged weapons. However, few swords exist that are capable of range. In FE6, FE7, and FE8, Runesword, Wind Sword, and Light Brand deal magical damage from range, converting the user's strength into magic. These weapons have magical effects, such as restoring health or dealing bonus damage to flying units.

Ranged swords are also in FE9. In addition to the magic-based Sonic Sword and Runesword, 3 swords that dealt physical damage at range existed. Ragnell and Alondite, the holy swords wielded by Altina, and Gurgurant, the Mad King Ashnard's sword, dealt physical damage while also negating non-Wrath boosted critical hits. Ragnell and Alondite also gave the user +5 DEF while equipped. Only Ike and the Black Knight could wield these respective blades.

Ranged swords changed in FE10. No swords were magic-based. Instead, all swords dealt physical damage, regardless of distance. Mist gained her own ranged sword, Florete, which could be bought again in a shop. Ragnell remained exclusive to Ike, while Alondite became SS rank. Just as the previous game, these swords gave +5 DEF.

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