The continent of Tellius from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Tellius is the fictional continent which serves as the setting of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.


[edit] Countries

[edit] Beorc Nations

[edit] Begnion

Begnion is the largest nation on Tellius, and covers about half of the continent. It is ruled by Empress Sanaki, who has 6 senators that support her. Sanaki is also known as the Apostle, who delivers the voice of the Goddess to her people. Begnion is a theocracy, and the nation worships the Goddess Ashera. The Tower of Guidance lies in the capital, Sienne, and Ashera sleeps within the tower. It is one of the oldest continents on Tellius, with only Goldoa existing as long. Its military is famed, as is its general, Zelgius. In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, the nation assists Elincia's army by giving it additional troops. In Radiant Dawn, the nation has colonised the defeated Daein, but is driven back by the efforts of Micaiah and King Pelleas. Begnion also fights against Ike and the Laguz Alliance, and serves as the primary antagonist force in the game.

[edit] Crimea

Crimea lies in the northwestern corner of Tellius. It is ruled by Elincia, and is a nation known for its scholarship. In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Crimea was invaded by Daein. The nation lost its ruler, Ramon, and all hope seemed to be lost. Crimea is the only Beorc nation that is known to be making efforts to remove prejudice against the Laguz.

[edit] Daein

Daein is a nation that resides in the north-eastern portion of Tellius. It's current ruler as of the end of Radiant Dawn is Micaiah. Daein is known for the Mad King's War, which was started in Path of Radiance when Ashnard attempted to invade Crimea.

[edit] Laguz Nations

[edit] Gallia

Gallia is a nation that lies south of Crimea. The cat, tiger, and lion Laguz reside here. It's current ruler is Caineghis, with the heir to the throne being Skrimir. Gallia has an alliance with Crimea.

[edit] Goldoa

The nation of Goldoa lies south of Gallia. It's current ruler is Dheginsea, with heir to the throne being Kurthnaga. Goldoa is where the white, red, and black dragon Laguz reside. Little is known about Goldoa outside of its borders, as Dheginsea has cut off all contact from the outside world. The Goldoan dragons have a long life span, and hardly any dragons are born.

[edit] Phoenicis

Phoenicis is the kingdom of hawk Laguz. It's current ruler is Tibarn. Phoenicis is located on an island south of Tellius.

[edit] Kilvas

Kilvas is another island location south of Tellius. Here the raven Laguz reside. Their current king is Naesala, who often does just about anything to fill his people's coffers.

[edit] Hatari

Hatari is a nation located on the other side of the Desert of Death, which is in Daein. It's current king is Nailah. In Hatari, people of the wolf Laguz and people of the branded live together.

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