The Bandits of Borgo

The Bandits of Borgo
The Bandits of Borgo.png
Chapter three of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
objective Seize the Throne from Bazba
units Allowed All units
units Gained Two; Neimi and Colm
boss Bazba

Eirika and company pursue the thief who stole her bracelet. Their chase leads them into the mountains, where Bazba's Bandits pillage at will. Eirika cannot ignore her countrymen's pleas for help. She leads her group in search of the bandits’ stronghold.

Seth mysteriously expresses concern for Eirika's misplaced bracelet and forces the group to pursue the thief who stole it. Eirika is astonished at the chaos displayed in her homeland and rallies her army to fight the bandits. Upon finding the thief, Eirika encounters Neimi, childhood friend of Colm, the thief who coincidentally also stole Eirika's bracelet. Unaware, Eirika helps Neimi in their common goal and the two ultimately end up supporting Eirika's cause.


[edit] Script

See: The Bandits of Borgo/Script

[edit] Items

The following are items attained in this chapter.

[edit] Steal

  • Antitoxin (Steal from the Mercenary next to Bazba)
  • Pure Water (Steal from the Fighter outside the throne room)

[edit] Dropped

  • Door Key (Brigand directly right from the start, next to a pillar)
  • Chest Key (Brigand directly right from the start, next to a chest)

[edit] Chests

  • Iron Lance (left chest, to the north)
  • Hand Axe (middle chest, to the north)
  • Iron Sword (right chest, to the north)
  • Javelin (chest to the south west)

[edit] Boss

Name: Bazba
Class: Brigand
HP: 25
Level: 6  
Movement: 5   
Strength: 8 
Skill: 5
Speed: 7 
Luck: 1
Defense: 5 
Resistance: 2 
Constitution: 12  
Equipment: Steel Axe, Hand Axe 

[edit] New Units

  • Neimi joins from the start of the chapter
  • Colm joins upon talking to him with Neimi

[edit] Strategy

The Bandits of Borgo is a perfect chapter to level up weaker units such as Neimi, Colm, Eirika or Ross. Avoiding other units, these units can all level up significantly if used correctly. Have Neimi and Ross attack the bandits from afar using ranged weapons, as to avoid death but still get kills. Weakening units with Gilliam or Franz for the kill is also a clever way to level these units up.

During turn two Colm will appear just north of your units. Quickly move Neimi up there to obtain him as a unit and then use the two to kill the enemies in the large chest room, granting them experience where you see fit.

Taking Seth's weapons and using him as a meat shield in strategic spots is also a good way to have Ross or Vanessa attack from range. Placing Seth in the one-spot openings in the walls prevents enemies from attacking your weaker units and still allows them to attack from afar. Be sure to kill the archer with Vanessa out of harm's reach, or she will easily be killed. Moulder is also a great unit to use to heal Seth and/or your other units that take damage. This will level him up quickly.

Before breaking down the second wall, Neimi and Colm should clear the upper chest area. Eirika and the others should also clear the lower chest area and have opened the chest located there. Keeping seth blocking the path will keep these weaker units safe and able to complete this before unlocking the northern door and proceeding into the larger area filled with more enemy units.

Lastly, slowly pick off Bazba using Eirika and Neimi. The same can be done using Ross and Colm as well. Bazba does wield and Hand Axe, though, and is able to attack from afar. Be sure to keep an eye on hit ratio and damage, as well as utilizing Moulder when needed to keep these weaker units from dying.

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